How Non-Profit organizations use social media:

Non profit organizations such as oxfam and cancer research have also become popular over the last few years, they use social media to increase their awareness on social media since these days everyone is on social media. They even Buy Instagram Followers or Instagram Likes to increase their online presence.

Over the years these types of places have been on the rise , being found in town centres. examples of these are oxfam, cancer research and British red cross. they generate revenue by selling donated goods and through Donations. Public places of education like museums are free to visit , but they will generate income through donations and selling gifts at the store, they may even receive grants from the government to help keep them open
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How To Generate Customers Via Social Media

About Instagram Followers

Retailing is where a business sells their products/services to customers in order to generate revenue and profit, the types of products/services can vary for personal use, commercial use or business use. It is important for the business to look after their customers who they sell the products to and take the process as efficient as possible, they need to be able to interact and assist customers for example staff in store or emails online that can help with customer service.

This is no different than social media, social media should be treated with just as much importance as high street shops if not more, having a good social media presence is just as important if not more important that physical stores, thats why so many places now Buy Instagram Followers as a way of generating sales and leeds online.  Continue reading “How To Generate Customers Via Social Media”

How To Post On Instagram

How do we post on Instagram ? This is the main question users ask when they start up their Instagram profile from scratch, which Instagram having over 600M users worldwide, it is not hard to see why its popularity has caused so many users to now change over from Twitter to Instagram, many new users of Instagram have started to become more of the older crowd, coming from Facebook Instagram has now had more over 50s making an account than ever.

To begin with, we are going to look at how we post on Instagram, many people who have newly started an account have found ways such as this to create content and to begin uploading as it is not as easy as it seems. After having created your account, set up a bio, contact info, and made a suitable name and added a good profile photo , it is now time to post your first image.

  1. Take a good photo – You need to ensure that you have a good photo ready to be posted on Instagram, make sure that the photo is high resolution Image to ensure that it is correct and good enough to post
  2. Open the app – Find the Instagram app on your phone then open it , once this has opened you can then click on the main button in the middle to post the image, this will then show up and you will be able to post it.
  3. Create a good bio – Create a bio that will engage your audience, you need to ensure that your bio will be creative and engage your audience
  4. Add a filter – To ensure that the photo us up-to scratch, add a filter , this can be a rage of filters that Instagram offer, this could be to turn it black and white and to even add some colour in the mix.
  5. Click Post – After creating your master piece, you can now post your photo online, this will then be presented to you new photos in order to showcase them to your followers, to get more likes you can look to give your page a boost, for exmaple to Buy Instagram Followers to increase engagement.

How to reply to an Instagram DM Step By Step

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking sites, even up until, social media has also been popular for dating, dating has particular become popular via social media sites such as Instagram due to the introduction of the feature ‘ DM ‘ to ensure that suers can message each other privately  as an alternative to commenting on each other posts, the Instagram DM was introduced in early 2014.  Here below we are going to take a look at how to send and reply to an Instagram DM.

1. Make sure you have a user in mind: 

By this I mean you should have an idea who you wish to DM, this will avoid your account getting blocked by spamming users on Instagram, you need to know who you are going to message so you can prospect them to engage into a conversation. For example, this may be a work college, a mate, or a crush you fancy asking on a date. By doing this  you will be able to respect and have a rough plan on what your going to converse about in regards to the topic.

2. Find the user: 

Find the user on Instagram, to do this type in their @userrname on the search panel on Instagram, if you are following them they should come up as first result. If not, then type in their username via a friend or find them via scrolling further down in the search bar. Alternatively, you may be able to find the by typing them in via your friends list search bar located on your friends list.

3. Send them a DM:

To send them a DM, go onto their profile home page and click in the top left, there will be an option that says, ” send a message”. To then send them a message, click this option and then you will be redirected to Instagram DM’s, you can then begin to send them a message. I would  not suggest using an soft opening line such as ” how are you ” as this is to genetic and wont get any attention’ especially if this is the first time you have messaged this person.  My own advice would be to send them something funny to engage a conversation, for example if they are into cats and dogs, send them a DM of a funny cat or dog video/meme, there are plenty of those on Instagram, Im sure you will agree.

4. Follow up:

The key to this is to follow up with the conversation, don’t  end the conversation on a blank end or not reply, follow up. By this what Im talking about is an end result, what did you get out of this experience, did you ask them on a date, did you ask them for shier number? Its your own personal preference what you wanted to get out of it , make sure you kept that in mind throughout the whole process, don’t end it until you are satisfied with the out come.

I hope this helped, make sure to check out our website for more information and help in regards to social media or Instagram. You can also Buy Instagram Followers today and give tour social media profile the boost it needs to ensure your account doesn’t go un-missed, with the right amount of followers, your account will be the one getting DM’s on a day to day basis !

Using Social Media For Business

Using social media for businesses has never been so popular, now is the time where business have taken the advantage of the fact that over 700Million users are now on social media and behind their phones, rather than traditional methods of advertising that may have been costly and not accessible for small startups across the globe.

With this being said, business have now latched onto the fact that social media advertising, in particular Instagram has now become so useful and poplar, creating trends and generating huge amounts of revenue through target demographic advertising for businesses in their niches. For many peoples, users can test out Instagram advertising for as little as £5, this means they can have a small start up costs for their marketing budget and allow them to widen the budget even further.

Buy Followers on Instagram is a good way for users to generate large amounts of traffic along without having to spend loads of money on advertising, if a business is based in the UK who is selling art work, they can easily go online and buy some traffic in the form of Buy Instagram Followers to give them the traffic they need to generate interest and sales. Buy Instagram Followers can also boost their online credibility as being seen to be popular online can also mean customers will trust the brand more over a new brand that has just been established.

Social Media Trends To Look Out For In 2019

With another year in the books, we like to take a look back at what transpired and make informed predictions of the year to come. Based on 2018’s algorithm changes, privacy scandals and the US political climate’s build up, 2019 is poised for social media networks to regain the trust of their users. You’ll notice the idea of “trust” as a vein that runs through our predictions.

The year is also ripe for more unique brand positioning campaigns. A direct result of more advertisers on social media platforms is higher advertising costs. This year, we should expect to see more money invested in paid campaigns and more growth in the influencer marketing sectors. With many people in business sectors Buy Instagram Followers and Buy Instagram Likes, many people look for other ways to rapidly increase engagement.

It’s based on a survey of more than 3,000 Hootsuite customers—from large enterprises to small agencies—conducted in late 2018. We’ve also included insights from interviews with dozens of industry analysts, as well as reports and data from Edelman, Gartner, GlobalWebIndex, Forrester, Econsultancy, Kleiner Perkins, We Are Social, and others.

New formats, challenges, and ways of engaging make 2019 an exciting time to work in social media. Here’s our roadmap for navigating and thriving in the year ahead. One way to increase your engagement is to Buy Instagram Followers, using this method this means that users can easily increase their online reputation and boost their presence. By using this method, this can allow users to go online and gain mass followers quickly and easily, the average Instagram user has only 1500 followers, therefore it wont be hard to stand out online if your business have surplus of over 10k followers and a good brand. x

Gain followers by viewing stories?

Instagram Stories is an easy, effective, and free way to keep your followers engaged with your brand, but did you know stories can also help you get more followers, too?

Until now, you might have been focusing on growing your  Instagram following through great photos and captions, but now it’s time to put some energy into your Instagram Stories!


Because every day, 500 million people tap through stories, and one-third of the most viewed stories are posted from a business account — that makes Instagram Stories an easy, and effective way to introduce your brand to a new, or wider audience.Because of the ‘limited’ nature of a story, people are super engaged and interested in its content because they know it won’t be around after 24 hours. Viewing stories can be a good alternative to Buy Instagram Followers, this means that with a mass viewing software, you can view upto 1 million accounts per day, this means potentially you can get  good return on that compared to other growth software.

Another way to get more followers quickly and fast is to buy Instagram followers ? This method can allow users to go online and buy their followers, this is far cheeper and can gain more results than building up it organically. Buy Instagram followers allows customers such as businesses and celebs to go online and buy their followers fast, therefore increasing the engagement between their followers and likes.

With more followers, users can have more credibility online and therefore reach out to more potential customers. With this being said, many people now even buy Instagram likes to ensure that their engagement does in fact match up with their online presence. Users with over 10k followers are in fact expected to get anywhere around 1-5oo likes per image, any users does onto get this amount can then be looked at and questioned in regards to their online reputation.

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Instagram getting rid of likes count ?

There has been much speculation, about Instagram getting rid of likes counter on their posts, this has already seemed to be tested in some parts of the world such as Canadian and other part of the world. Instagram says the reason for this update test is to have users concentrate on their posts and interacting with the app rather than likes. Many users will delete photos that do not get “enough” likes

What will this mean for people or users who Buy Instagram Likes?  For teenagers, this is great because it would no longer highlight levels of popularity of themselves against other kids,” said Randi Priluck, a professor and associate dean at Pace University focused on social media and mobile marketing. “But they’re still going to see their own likes. People are very driven by rewards so they’re still going to be competing for those likes. It’s not going to fully solve the problem.

It also doesn’t address or fix some of the other factors that can impact the self-esteem of people on the platform, such as bullying, feeling left out or thinking other people’s lives are better or more glamorous than their own.
“None of that goes away when you take away likes,” said Karen North, an expert in social media and psychology at the University of Southern California. “Regardless if Instagram takes away likes, you can’t escape the inevitable that people will still compare their lives and feel inferior.”
The move, if rolled out more broadly, could also cause some confusion for the influencer marketing industry. Social media stars working with brands on partnerships are often paid based on engagement on their posts, and part of that involves likes.
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When is the next big Instagram Update?

Instagram has been a rapidly-developing platform since Facebook first acquired it several years ago, and it clearly has no intentions of slowing down.

This month, Instagram has rolled out new interactive features for Story Ads, which may take brand awareness to a whole new level. This will mean advertisers can take advantage of this feature and get users to interact with their ads, meaning higher conversion rate and engagement for the adverts, this is something that has not yet been seen yet in the social media space, think of this like a POS stand for social media in the digital space.

Polling for Instagram stories, this is one way that advertisers have been able to create a high level of interest and engagement for users, this way users can interact with stories and make sure that they answers relevant questions, this way users engage with the adverts and also give feed back where needed, this is beneficial for business to filter or pre quality users for lead generation purposes.

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Instagram photo quality resolution?

As Instagram becomes more popular over the years and as screens and cameras quality gets better and better, Instagram constantly has to increase their ability to showcase and capture high quality images for their users to post, unlike snapchat who reduces camera quality on their app, Instagram have been stepping up their game to increase the quality of their users posts.

Instagram has a maximum resolution of 1080×1080 these days, but not all images use that resolution. When the source image is a lower resolutionInstagram won’t scale it up but it will leave it at the original resolution. Very low resolution images (for example, less than 320 pixels across) may be rejected or upscaled.

It is very important to consider this when creating your content for Instagram, pages with optimised content on Instagram may get more followers and likes, pages with very high quality images may also find their content being used by other pages and reposted by bigger pages, this is great for page credibility as if your images are being shown across Instagram, this is free traffic for your page.

Buying Instagram Likes or to Buy Likes is a very popular way to increase your engagement for your posts, this way users can become more popular by using organic and non organic methods of become poplar and driving traffic for your page. Find our more about Instagram and social media marketing at Greedier Social Media.