Buy Instagram Followers to Increase Your Account Flow

Buy Instagram FollowersHave you ever been working tough to boost your Instagram fans but have seen no results? You’re within the same boat as many other customers! No wonder many people are studying about the option to shop for Instagram fans and get a soar on the opposition.

In recent times, making an investment money in all kinds of advertising and marketing is simply part of the sport on Instagram. You need to spend money to look effects, whether or not that’s developing unique content material or even shopping for likes or fans.

We have already long past over the quality methods to get extra likes on Instagram, and in this newsletter, we’ll display you the way you can buy Instagram followers to develop your account in a respectable way! Comply with our advice to   effectively and honestly.


Important Tips to Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram has some very strict policies concerning unsolicited mail, so the first attention is making sure you’re now not overdoing it. Don’t buy hundreds of hundreds of followers for an account that is just created 2 days ago.

You furthermore might have to be wary of operating with a shady businesses that doesn’t understand what they’re doing. If you waste your money on horrific practices, you could get suspended.

According to Hub spot’s weblog, step one in studying to buy Instagram Like is understanding how the procedure works. Instagram fans and likes are best really value paying for in case you’re running with actual Instagram users – active and ideally daily surfers. Horrific agencies rely on repetitive spambots or inactive debts that follow you.

Don’t Stuck With Dead Strategies

What you must be gaining knowledge of approximately are the strategies that those agencies use. The quality firms have a framework for choosing what users they comply with or engage with. Those aren’t simply “observe for follow” fits, however bear in mind more important information like location, hashtags, account types, gender, and so on.

Now there are some businesses so that it will offer to shop for followers for you based totally on numbers by myself. For some humans, that’s their intention, so lifeless or inactive accounts are first-rate. However you need to be wary if you don’t buy real Instagram followers.

The real problem is that Instagram keep track the of overall performance metrics. Engagement is crucial to determining your typical rank – and that immediately influences what number of humans can see your web page and posts.

Instagram Engagement with Real People

Moreover, in case you buy Instagram followers and have lots of them, however also have no engagement with real people, Instagram will understand a majority of these lifeless bills which might be following you.

They may penalize you or at least no longer do you any favours as a long way as more flow. Instagram can even prevent your posts from being seen to your fans’ information feeds. If that’s the case, what’s the factor? You’re on this to make extra money!

It is hard to fight since it offers advertising help with Instagram and YouTube and other social sites. In fact, if you’re on Instagram, it’s not a bad idea to take chance with YouTube as a related way to earn money.

The website offer as several unique strategies as other companies but emphases on numbers. Valuing can also get difficult, from cheap to very expensive. Overall, it is one of the best choices to buy Instagram followers low-priced. If enlisting this service, you’ll absolutely want to study more about making an overwhelming Instagram profile on your own.

How to Set and Optimize Instagram Business Marketing Profile?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Instagram-Business-Marketing-Profile-1.jpgAre you wondering if the hype about Instagram marketing is good for your small business? Check the statistics to determine if you must believe it or not.

  • 500 million are engaged, daily users
  • 800 million are current monthly users
  • 300 million are active Instagram stories [daily]
  • 95 million images get uploaded daily
  • 40 billion got shared until now
  • 4.2 billion likes are received daily
  • 68% are women users
  • 59% internet users between 18 to 29 years use Insta
  • 17% of teens feel it is a crucial social network
  • 25 million businesses have an Instagram account
  • More than 80% of users follow a minimum one brand

The stats look impressive as businesses get a chance to build brand awareness, loyalty, and influence purchases. Therefore, many celebs or businesses buy Instagram followers from Greedier Social Media. It takes time and plenty of effort to build followers naturally, so when you get Instagram followers at affordable rates than using a paid service seems a sensible option.

How to set a business account on Instagram?

Opening a business account on Instagram takes seconds, but you need to optimize it.

Instagram business profile optimization
  • Write the compelling bio in 150 characters defining your business.
  • Use familiar profile images like your product or logo.
  • Choose proper profile link – only two options are allowed business website or new content link you are promoting.

Look for niche influencers to follow

  • Start with companies you work with
  • Influencers or brands that your target audience follows
  • Brands that inspire you
  • Your competitors

When you look for influencers, competitors, and brand inspirers look what attracts you to their Insta posts. What is their posting frequency? Is their theme consistent? What you don’t like in their post?

Set the Instagram Marketing goal

After doing some research on the market, it is time to set an Instagram goal that you need to focus on. It can be anything like –

  • Vast engagement
  • Brand awareness development
  • Increase followers

The goal has to be concise, clear, relevant, measurable, time-based, and achievable.

Align Insta-metrics with your business objectives

After setting the goal, you need to select Insta-metrics. It will help you move towards specific business objectives. For example, if your business objective is to increase brand loyalty than choosing Insta-metrics like Post likes Engagement Rate, and Total # post comments.

Learn how to calculate your Insta-marketing efforts

With smart goals, you can track your marketing efforts to find out if your strategy works or not. Record these five elements –

  • Date
  • Post type
  • Time
  • Total followers
  • Impressions or engagement

This data from every post will help you make a strategic decision on every post. Find what works, what needs a tweak, and what doesn’t.

Understand and plan Insta-content strategy

Everything you are going to post needs to have a meaning that supports your goal and builds brand awareness.

Shape your story Start a story around your brand that connects with your target. You can ask yourself questions like what people prefer about your brand, what is your brand vision, if your brand stops what the target will miss, etc. It will help to shape a story. Connect it with your goal and strategize.

  1. Determine post types

Each audience differs, so try different post types. You will get an idea of what works to build an audience and increase engagement.

  • Inspirational posts for audience motivation.
  • Culture posts that align with your business core values.
  • A product post shows how your product works and gets people interested.
  • Event photos.
  • Designed images include event flyers.
  • Interesting stats that sound bizarre, but are accurate.
Build visual style and aesthetic

Instagram is all about visuals, so a business can display their product images instead of describing them in words. However, visuals are also a challenge. To make your Instagram feed look aesthetic and share your message you need to consider the five crucial factors.

  • You will need a Smartphone with a camera and good natural light to capture photos indoor or outdoor.
  • The best natural lighting source is outdoors, but you can capture gorgeous light indoors. Some things to remember are avoiding direct noon sunlight, dark indoor spaces, and use reflectors if there is no window or you cannot go outside.
  • Create visual interest using eh rule of 3rds. A nine-part grid provides four lines where you can place the subject.
  • After capturing the image, choose a suitable filter to edit it.
  • You can choose tools and apps to capture great photos.

Optimizing for audience engagement

At this point, you are prepared to fine-tune everything as you are aware of what works well. It is time to optimize your whole Instagram account ranging from description and photos to tagging and building followers.

Write ideal post captions

It will help to give your photos a better context making them more engaging.

  • Use hashtags as they help to reach a bigger audience. Use 5 to 10 hashtags.
  • Choose hashtags that your niche influencer’s use and experiment with what amount works best for you.
  • Tag niche influencers to develop your community. They will see it along with their followers.
  • Add a location to give your post a personal touch.
  • Update and modify your profile link for every Insta-post.
  • Create Instagram Engagement Pod to connect with more people in your niche and boost each other’s engagement.
  • Determine the best time to post for better engagement.
  • The frequency of posting also matters.
Advertise on Instagram

Instagram ads are great because it is measurable. You can even add CTA in the ads and lead visitors to your product. One-third of Instagram users use their Smartphones to buy online products. You can leverage this behavior and increase your sales. The three forms of Instagram ads are –

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads

These ad formats will support the four objectives –

  • Mobile app installations
  • Mass awareness
  • Click-through to your site
  • Video views

Business Buy likes because engagement is a crucial metric that ensures your post gets seen. Engagement is an Instagram algorithm to determine whether your post goes on top of the user’s feeds. Greedier Social Media professionals can help you with supplying high-quality followers for better engagement and generate expected results.

How to Get Authentic Followers for Your Instagram Handle

The way Instagram has become a tool to enhance your brand and product is commendable. It has become much easier to engage with people. With the help of hundreds of followers, you can easily promote your business. However, one that needs to be taken care of. Remember, your followers should be genuine, or else there is no use having them in large numbers because they will not be useful for you.

Greedier Social Media is a US/UK based company that can help you to buy Instagram followers in a short time. You can improvise the image of your business and make promotions on a larger scale. Gradually increasing followers can help expand your business. You can always trust them for winning you, real followers.

Methods to gain authentic followers

Optimization of account or Instagram account should be properly optimized to help followers develop an interest in your account. Everything should be perfect. Your images should be clear and magnificent. High-quality photos should get posted. The captions should be on point.

Username should be appropriate and easy to find. It will help drive more traffic. It has to be named in a manner that people should be able to connect with it. You can even add a link to your product page on your account. The content on that website should be alluring enough.

  • Consistency of posting content

You should not post irregularly. You will not want to lose followers by doing this. You should provide content regularly. The content that needs to be posted can be selected based on trends that are going on.

Time-specific products can be promoted. It is a smart move to introduce a product which is the need of the hour. Being regular has always been a good attribute.

  • Make a schedule

You can schedule your Instagram posts in advance so that the process of finding relevant content in the nearby future is eliminated. This saves you from entering into a state of stress when you have to provide something on the spot. This helps you save your time too.

Sprout Social is a tool that can be used to schedule your Instagram posts in advance. You and your team members can see easily that what they have to do in the upcoming weeks. You will also stay protected from forgetting anything by using this feature.

  • Request other accounts for promotion

You should build a strong relationship with owners of other business-related accounts and seek their help for the promotion of products. You should be aware of the power that your followers possess. Your followers should refer your products to others.

Followers can prove an asset in terms of promotion. You even carry out Instagram contests or take part in them so that you have a greater reach and can promote your brand on a greater scale. Never underestimate the benefits that your audience can provide.

  • Avoid fake followers

Your Instagram handle should have real followers. Real followers make you reach your target audience. They communicate with you. They like and comment on your posts. They share your brand name and account link as much as possible.

Fake followers will never interact with you. Real followers are bound to engage with you. You should take their queries and solve them. Prefer quality over quantity. The process may take time, but the results will be beautiful. You can even buy likes if in dire need of them.

  • Know about the interest of followers

You should post content that your audience is interested in seeing. You should have updates regarding present trends. It will help you provide popular content. You should what are the things that can work for you.

Tools like Insta Analytics can help analyze the type of content that is gaining more interest from the audience. This tool will compare the content of various accounts and analyze what is the common subject that is gaining popularity. Investing in such a feature can be very beneficial for you.

  • Tag more people

You should form bonds with accounts that hold certain relevance to your products too. Tag people in your posts and stories who interact with your brand. With the use of appropriate tags, there are more chances of appearing in Instagram users’ feed. It will help you in gaining a good amount of followers.

You need to maintain patience because these things do not happen in one or two days. Your hard work and effort will produce excellent results in the end.

  • Post content on various platforms

For someone who is not aware of your presence on various social media platforms, posting on several social media platforms is the right thing to do. If your followers on Facebook are not aware of your presence on Instagram, then after seeing your post on Facebook, they will follow you on other platforms too. This way your followers can increase.

  • Never underestimate your competitors

Always stay updated about what type of content your competitors are posting. You should have a look at their accounts frequently. You can learn a lot from their accounts too. Research their accounts well. You may even get to know about some unique and new hashtags that you may have not been using for your posts.

You also get a clue about what kind of content is turning out to be best for customers. Never underestimate the content of your opponents. You may get to know about some new material. You can gather this information and make new strategies for updating your account too.


You need to be communicative enough on your Instagram to build trust among people about your brand. The more you will be involved in the conversation, the more are the chances of connecting and expansion of the business. Positive social interaction will lead to better results and promotion of your content.

Always appreciate the efforts of your followers and never back away from giving responses. If you will follow all these basic guidelines, you will achieve success.

3 proven methods that will bring more traffic to your Instagram account

Nowadays if you run a business you should definitely start advertising all goods and services you sell on social media sites, because these platforms have the power to convert visitors into customers. For example the mobile app Instagram is one of the most popular and a powerful site in the world.The platform is visited by around 1 billion active users on a monthly basis.

Instagram was developed in 2010 with the main idea to be an app for photographers where they can share photos and videos instantly from their phones. Just a few years after its release, the platform rose in popularity to an enormous extent and currently people from all points of the world have already joined Instagram. One of the most essential methods of achieving success on the platform is by raising your followers’ count as much as you possibly can. There are a variety of different tactics that people can apply in order to gain followers, but you should be aware that it will take time and effort. However if you don’t have the time to grow your audience, there are alternative ways as well and you can buy active followers on Instagram from suppliers.

In this article our team has prepared and collected a few tactics that can bring more traffic on your Instagram account and help you to grow your audience quickly.

Your account must be public. Instagram allows its users to keep their accounts either private or public. If you set your account as a private profile, no one except your already existing followers will be able to review what you upload. This way your chances to attract other people by providing great quality posts decreases, because even if your uploads are amazing, they will not be seen by the other users. In order to attract and gain followers you should keep your account public and this way you will extend your reach over the social platform.

You should upload catchy content on your Instagram account. In order to attract as many users as possible you should provide your audience with content that is catchy, unique and interesting. For example, you can try to edit your photos or videos with all the filters that Instagram supports and you will make them more attractive. Moreover there are hundreds of free apps that are specially developed for image/video editors and you can try to improve your content by using these apps.

Always add hashtags and location when you upload whether posts or an Instagram story. Statistics show that hashtags are one of the most powerful tools for increasing the traffic on your account. These keywords start with the sign # and they are used to categorize content depending on its meaning. Instagram allows its users to add up to 33 hash tags on each upload, but social media experts don’t recommend users to add just random hashtags. You should do some research in order to find out what are the most trendy hashtags that are relevant to your niche. By adding hash tags on your uploads you can be sure that you will reach more people. Do the same when you upload an Instagram story.

There are a variety of different tactics that are significant for maintaining your Instagram account and drawing traffic to your profile. Whether you are a newbie on Instagram or you have been using the platform for a while, these tactics that we talked about in this article are proven and you can be sure that they will help you to increase the traffic on your account. In the next article, we are going to mention and explain some other methods of gaining more followers, so stay tuned.

Top Ways to Sell Your Products on Instagram

Instagram happens to be one of the trending social networking sites in the digital world. Every other corporate company and influencers have their business profile on this platform. The professionals have devised specific rules and strategies to attract traffic towards their site. But when it comes down to selling your services on Instagram, it is a different topic altogether. So, here are some of the expert ways to sell your products on this platform:

Connect Personally

You need to determine your target audience correctly. Choosing the right niche for your business is the first step towards selling your products on Instagram. You need to build a transparent, healthy digital communication with the followers.

Reach out to them to know about their necessities appropriately. Channelise or motivate them towards the store page and guide them through your catalogue. Suggest suitable products or services for their welfare. Gaining trust is vital for building a healthy consumer relationship in the market. Connect personally; know their ultimate wishes and desires through the DM feature available on Instagram.

DM feature enables the business profile to connect personally to the corresponding follower. You can directly chat with them; you know requirements as well as grievances. Also, you can suggest many kinds of options to channelize them towards your services.

Offer Discounts

No matter how expensive the product is, every consumer loves an attractive deal for saving some extra bucks. So, utilise this as your best strategy on Instagram. As you proceed to converse with the followers directly, let them know about the recent offers available on your products. Send them directly the different promo codes for motivating them to buy your products.

In many instances, users tend to buy products only during the sale. So, make sure to reach out to them personally with the discount codes. As you cannot embed any hyperlinks, you might consider the DM feature for this as well. Send some attractive pictures of the products they require along with the promo code and link to the website.

Conduct a Contest

Imagine you can get an exclusive makeup bag free and all you have to do is like and comment on that particular post? Yes, you must have seen such contests on Instagram by now. Many influencers and leading business profiles here utilise this strategy to garner potential attention on Instagram. All you have to do is conduct a good contest for the followers, which can direct the followers towards your product page.

A Q&A Session

Many people might have different sorts of questions regarding your services or products. So, why not use the threaded conversations on Instagram to answer them all? You need to conduct one-on-one question-answer sessions with your followers to reply to them with appropriate answers. Knowing the details of your product might help in the sales of the same. So, use this feature correctly to generate awareness about the positive aspects of your product.

These are some of the profitable ways to sell your services and products on Instagram. Visibility happens to be the underlying factor for channelising potential traffic towards your site. That is why many leading organisations prefer to buy likes to increase their visibility. Design your Instagram advertising rules according to your requirements to sue this platform for your business accurately.

Why all businesses should have a successful marketing strategy on Instagram

The social media platform Instagram is a mobile application that has totally invaded our lives. The last few years the application managed to become one of the most popular social media platforms in a global perspective. There are billions of users on the platform that are spending almost all of their free time scrolling on their news feed and uploading content. In fact the application was first developed in 2010 and firstly support only images and video uploads. Now Instagram is a whole new world. It is the most preferred way, between teenagers and adults, for communication, a chance of becoming Instagram popular (which in fact can bring you lots of money) and a place where they can share their lives with their friends and family. Moreover almost every popular person from all spheres of life is on Instagram as well. It is a great chance for them to be as close as never before to their fans.

Popular people are mostly sharing on their Instagram pages their daily routine, outfits, exotic vacations and performances if they are artists. In fact Both common people and celebrities are able to earn money owing to Instagram, because the business sector is already on the platform as well. Instagram is considered to be one of the most powerful methods that can help you to accomplish really powerful marketing strategy that can increase your sales many times rapidly. Besides that, the business sector, for example many worldwide popular brands are collaborating with regular people, who have managed to become influencers and these people are getting paid by brands in order to promote their goods and services, brands are working with celebrities the same way as well.

In fact Instagram is so influential that there are millions of business accounts along with billions of different users from all over the world. It is a social platform that strongly supports visual content. Well, is there any other method of advertising that is better for the business sector? Some people say that one picture is as powerful as a thousand words and they are right. Instagram Likes is a storytelling app.

There are so many different methods that will help you to increase the awareness of your brand. You are able to present all of your goods and services on your Instagram page, represented on pictures and videos, and the customers are capable of reviewing all of them in order to buy something from you. No matter of the industry you are in, the pictures on your Instagram account can showcase all of your production. Moreover the platform provides so many different techniques for digital marketing advertising that can help you many new followers that can become your customers.

In fact there are many different ways that can help you to gain followers. For example you can increase your followers on Instagram by purchasing from suppliers, using correct hashtags that correspond with your content and are relevant to your topic.Another thing that can help you to gain more traffic such as followers, likes and engagement is putting your location when you upload a publication. Hashtags work the same way as location. Instagram allows its users to search content by location and hashtags so make sure that when you publish a picture, video, even Instagram story, you manage to put the right hashtags and your location. If you do this, your Instagram account will become easier to be reached by other users on the social platform.

From all of the above we can be sure that being a part of the Instagram community can bring many benefits to you or to your business if you are a business owner. So hurry up and develop your marketing strategy on Instagram.

The power of the visual content on Instagram

The power of social media platforms that have appeared the last 15 years along with all the technology advancement , is continuing rising every single day. Instagram, Facebook,Twitter ,Tik Tok and Snapchat are the most popular social media networks in the whole world. Billions of people are using these platforms every day ,it already became a daily routine for many. Common people ,celebrities, brands , TV shows , basically everyone is already a user of these platforms.

Currently the influence of Instagram is above all of the other platforms we mentioned and the mobile application managed to increase its users up to 2 billions active users for the past few years. Instagram is a preferred method of communication by many ,besides that it is a super powerful marketing tool as well. Instagram supports visual content such as pictures and videos. In fact this is the best advertising method and that explains why owners of all kinds of businesses are joining the platform and promoting their goods and services there.

Instagram provides the ability for anyone to gain many followers that can become customers which will increase the sales and improve the business on the whole. Although it is not easy to gain a big audience ,first you can try to increase your followers on Instagram by using suppliers. Once you manage to gain enough followers you should start promoting your products on Instagram.

Until recently Instagram allowed its users to upload videos that were no longer than 1 minute length. It was not good for the business sector on the platform because they were not able to fully present their goods and services, so in 2019 Instagram announced that they added a new feature called IGTV (Instagram TV) which allows users to upload videos from 20 seconds till 1 hour length. However only verified accounts are able to upload videos with 60 minutes length , the common users can publish videos no longer than 10 minutes.In fact IGTV can really increase the awareness of a brand because brands are able to present their products, how they work , how they are made or how people to incorporate these products in their lives. In fact videos are considered to be the best method that can engage the audience. By using IGTV businesses have enough room to present their goods and services on videos moreover Instagram already supports vertical and full screen videos.

Many people compare IGTV to YouTube , in fact there are similar functions , however YouTube is a platform strongly related to videos. If you share unique and interesting content with your audience your engagement rate will increase for sure. In fact the engagement rate is the most important thing when it comes to developing powerful marketing strategies on Instagram. The engagement rate represents the balance between your followers and how they interact with your content. In order to receive more traffic by uploading videos on IGTV you should also put a relevant title, descriptions and of course relevant hashtags. The keywords that are used for searching content, called hashtags, are considered by many social media experts to be a really powerful method of increasing the traffic on your page and gaining many new followers, likes on your publications which on the other hand will increase the engagement rate along with the other things we mentioned.

The last few years many people think that there is nothing more effective than Instagram when it comes to business improvement owing to adverts and collabs with influencers who have massive followers base and can promote products and make people buy these products. Instagram is full of visual content which makes the platform the best place for commercials.

How Instagram can be a great marketing tool for all business niches

If we put all the social media platforms on the scale in order to find out which one is the most influential one, Instagram would appear on the top of the list for sure. In fact many social media experts consider Instagram as the fastest growing social media platform. Besides the billions of personal accounts on the platform there are millions of business accounts as well. In fact the business sector is already generating lots of sales owing to Instagram. They sell goods and services and influencers are earning money by collaborating with brands and promoting their products on the social platform. Instagram is a global platform for visual marketing where people represent their works.

No matter if you are doing paintings or you are a makeup artist or any other business niche, with the right marketing strategy Instagram can bring lots of benefits and profits to you and your business. Well, if you are a business owner and you want to improve your sales or if you want to become an influencer and start earning money by working with different brands, continue reading this article and you will learn some tips that can help you to grow your Instagram page. You can take great advantages from Instagram like successful business niche development, popularity and of course money, but first you should develop your Instagram account correctly.

Every account on Instagram has its own goals and objectives. So the first thing you should do is to find out the category you want to progress with. When you decide the niche that your account would be dedicated to, make sure that your Instagram page is public.This is a really important thing because if your account is private no one, unless you and your already gained followers would be able to review the content you are sharing and you won’t be able to gain new followers that easy.

Keep your engagement percent high and increase it constantly. The engagement rate so called ER shows how your followers interact with your content.If your engagement rate is high enough the chances to have your publications appear in the Explore tab of other users are way higher. You can consider your engagement rate as high if there is a balance between the number of followers that you have and the number of interactions you receive when you are uploading content. That means that your followers should correspond with the number of the likes you receive per post. However if the balance is low you can always buy affordable likes on Instagram.

Collaborate with influencers. When you are aware of your business niche and the audience you want to have as your followers, you should think of working together with influencers in order to increase your popularity on Instagram. However it is not recommended to work with random influencers, the person you would choose should be related to your interests. By working with influencers whose activity is similar to yours, you have the chance to gain their followers and people that are actually interested in the same niche. This way you will gain much more traffic for sure.

In order to build a successful business or a career as an influencer on Instagram you should spend much time and effort. The journey of becoming popular on the social platform is not an easy one for sure. However there are plenty of marketing tools that can help you to start earning money on Instagram. So pick your niche, follow the tips we mentioned in this article,grab the opportunity and own the success.

The fake world of Instagram

Lately social media platforms have become a huge part of our lives. Surveys show that almost 70% of people who are located in advanced countries in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia have their personal account on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However,for example, if we have a look on random girls, Instagram pages , we will see that many of them pretend to live luxurious and expensive lives but the truth is not always as it is shown. It became a trend to publish on your Instagram page, pictures posing next to luxury cars, expensive gifts and exotic destinations. We can say that all of these efforts to make your life look luxurious is due to the reputation someone wants to build. No one likes to be related to negative and offensive opinions on social networks – the huge fear to be disliked.

Many people are on Instagram in order to show their lives in a good light. The fight between the users on the social platform is to have as many Instagram likes on their publications as possible. Some people also build their Instagram pages by buying followers on Instagram. Maybe we can explain this as a fear of rejection. Everyone publishes pictures where they look flawless and without any imperfections. In fact it is not a secret that a huge percent of the users on Instagram are using different programs and applications like Photoshop in order to edit their pictures and hide all of their imperfections .Even Instagram itself has so many filters you can put on your images and they will make your face look perfect. No matter all of these, there comes a day when everyone faces reality.

Perhaps these types of people are willing to be accepted by society by acting as they are perfect. Before the development of all these social media platforms no one cared about their online reputation , but now it is a huge thing ,everyone is trying to achieve.It may be a bit confusing when you personally meet someone that you found on social platforms. Here comes the reality. The illusion of a perfect face,body and life cannot make these things perfect in real life, no matter how hard someone is trying to make them look real.

In fact the owners of Instagram have noticed these trends of perfection and recently they announced the suggestion of hiding the count of likes of people’s pictures. The main idea of hiding the number of likes is to remove the pressure that trends imposes over people due to the idea to look perfect.

In instance you can make your own experiment and open the “explore tab” section on Instagram. I am pretty sure that 90% of the publications you will come across would be of people with ideal noses ,lips ,haircuts and not a sign of a single imperfection. However do not let yourself be misled. Perfect people does not exist! Noone has a perfect symmetrical face. You should not let these illusions affect your life or thoughts.

Different social experts came to the conclusion that people are getting depressed using the social platform Instagram , because everything they see on the application are people who look way better than them. The desire for perfection can be really harmful for peoples’ mental health. According to this research,the idea of hiding the number of likes on publication might be a good move ,however there is the danger that influencers on Instagram might lose their jobs, because it would be much harder for brands to choose people to work with without seeing the engagement of their publications.