Instagram getting rid of likes count ?

There has been much speculation, about Instagram getting rid of likes counter on their posts, this has already seemed to be tested in some parts of the world such as Canadian and other part of the world. Instagram says the reason for this update test is to have users concentrate on their posts and interacting with the app rather than likes. Many users will delete photos that do not get “enough” likes

What will this mean for people or users who Buy Instagram Likes?  For teenagers, this is great because it would no longer highlight levels of popularity of themselves against other kids,” said Randi Priluck, a professor and associate dean at Pace University focused on social media and mobile marketing. “But they’re still going to see their own likes. People are very driven by rewards so they’re still going to be competing for those likes. It’s not going to fully solve the problem.

It also doesn’t address or fix some of the other factors that can impact the self-esteem of people on the platform, such as bullying, feeling left out or thinking other people’s lives are better or more glamorous than their own.
“None of that goes away when you take away likes,” said Karen North, an expert in social media and psychology at the University of Southern California. “Regardless if Instagram takes away likes, you can’t escape the inevitable that people will still compare their lives and feel inferior.”
The move, if rolled out more broadly, could also cause some confusion for the influencer marketing industry. Social media stars working with brands on partnerships are often paid based on engagement on their posts, and part of that involves likes.
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When is the next big Instagram Update?

Instagram has been a rapidly-developing platform since Facebook first acquired it several years ago, and it clearly has no intentions of slowing down.

This month, Instagram has rolled out new interactive features for Story Ads, which may take brand awareness to a whole new level. This will mean advertisers can take advantage of this feature and get users to interact with their ads, meaning higher conversion rate and engagement for the adverts, this is something that has not yet been seen yet in the social media space, think of this like a POS stand for social media in the digital space.

Polling for Instagram stories, this is one way that advertisers have been able to create a high level of interest and engagement for users, this way users can interact with stories and make sure that they answers relevant questions, this way users engage with the adverts and also give feed back where needed, this is beneficial for business to filter or pre quality users for lead generation purposes.

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Instagram photo quality resolution?

As Instagram becomes more poplar over the years and as screen and camera quality gets better and getter, Instagram constantly has to increase their ability to showcase and capture high quality images for their users to post, unlike snapchat who reduces camera quality on their app, Instagram have been stepping up their game to increase the quality of their users posts.

Instagram has a maximum resolution of 1080×1080 these days, but not all imagesuse that resolution. When the source image is a lower resolutionInstagramwon’t scale it up but it will leave it at the original resolution. Very low resolution images (for example, less than 320 pixels across) may be rejected or upscaled.

It is very important to consider this when creating your content for Instagram, pages with optimised content on Instagram may get more followers and likes, pages with very high quality images may also find their content being used by other pages and reposted by bigger pages, this is great for page credibility as if your images are being shown across Instagram, this is free traffic for your page.

Buying Instagram Likes or to Buy Instagram Likes is a very popular way to increase your engagement for your posts, this way users can become more popular by using organic and non organic methods of become poplar and driving traffic for your page. Find our more about Instagram and social media marketing at Greedier Social Media.

Buy Instagram Likes Online Safely

As we are aware of the fact that Instagram has become more popular as well as successful social network on Media. It is also used by over 48 Million Milliners in the world. There are five most successful keys to be an Instagram User: Many people also Buy Instagram Followers to increace presence online. 

Apply creative strategies for the supersonic outcome: 

Instagram is extremely flexible to use and easy. It is beneficial for the brands too.  But for the successful brands on Instagram, it is really essential to put creative strategies to get outstanding outcomes. When you focus on the planned strategies, you will improve your profile according to the plan that you will make. You can also enhance your banners and you can also plan more efficiently that will help you in growing your audience. 

Knowing your Audience:

Most existing brands normally face the issues that belong to the post. They don’t know that strategies should they apply to make their posts attractive and catchy to gather the audience. 

Look at your audience demographics, your most engaged followers, and top performing content. All of this data will allow you to easily define what type of content to share and who to tailor posts towards.

Use Hashtags On Instagram: 

Hashtags have proven to be one of the best ways to get your Instagram posts in front of more people and grow your audience organically. But throwing random hashtags will not help you to achieve your desired goals on Instagram. Make it catchy, make it attractive, and make it worth. 

Instead, do a little research to find popular hashtags in your industry. Try to find out a list of keywords associated with your brand or industry. For example, a gym or personal trainer could use hashtags like #fitness, #nutrition or #health.

Competitive Research Strategy:

Competitive research is particularly helpful when you’re just starting out on Instagram. Seeing what’s working for your competitors will be helpful in growing your account.

There are some important things that any brand needs to focus:

What type of photos and videos they share

What hashtags they use

How often they post

Who they follow

How they structure their captions

You should not copy exactly they are doing, instead of this; you have to take ideas to create your own account more catchy and attractive. 


Unfortunately, brands especially new brands got failed to attract the customers because of their low performance on Instagram. That’s why they got failed to introduce and market their customers. You have to attract the customers by engaging with the audience that is mostly on Instagram.

There are some important questions for the owners of the brands to let them know more about Instagram. These are as follows:

Do you reply when people comment on your posts?

Do you leave comments on other posts?

Are you hitting the Like button on photos your brand is tagged in?

Creating a successful Instagram Strategy: 

There are over 500 million monthly active visitors; so you can’t afford to ignore Instagram. Top brands are using the social network to build an audience. So you need to win the audience. 

So it is important to have a strategy that comes up with creativeness and efficiency. By making strategies and plans, you can win the audience as well as Instagram followings.

Is Social Media Content Regulated ?

Social Media ContentIt will run a consultation until 1 July on plans to create a legal “duty of care towards users”, overseen by an independent regulator. Social Media Content.

At the moment, when it comes to graphic content, social media largely relies on self-governance. Sites such as YouTube and Facebook have their own rules about what is unacceptable and the way that users are expected to behave towards one another.

This includes content that promotes fake news, hate speech or extremism, or could trigger or exacerbate mental health problems. Governments and working with social media networking sites to ensure that customers are users are kept safe online, especially when it comes to harmful or graphic content shown online.

Instagram now has a feature where it will only show appropriate content to target ages groups, and it does it bets to warn users of videos with a blurred pop up before they are shown anything that they may find harmful to them. Buy Instagram Likes is a way that user can easily increase their online presence and get engagement via Instagram algorithm. Using this method, when you are promoting safe content and content that is compliment with rules and regulations, its important to know that when doing this, you are also increasing the creditability of your page.

What is the best camera to use for Instagram Photos’s

In this day and age, many people always look for the next best thing to showcase their photography online, sites like pintrest and good however there is nothing quite like Instagram where you can easily upload your images for your friends and family to view and enjoy.

Instagram has not only created one of the most popular social media sites in history, but it creates almost a new platform for every niche imaginable, for example, people who are interested in a certain type of art and photography can actively follow and network with pages and other artists who take their interest.

Keen photograhers are always looking for new ways to upload their Instagram images from their professional DSLR’s to showcase their works of art. The best way to do this would be to buy and adapter that would allow you to install and upload directly from the SSD drive not your iPhone , that way you could then upload the DSLR images without having to upload them direct to your computer.

Many new DLSR Cameras showcase uto 35mp, that is a astonishing compared to a few years ago when the latest was only 15pmp and even that was good back them. Many photos on Instagram can includes the use of macro lenses and high depth of field lenses to really capture your images.

One way for photographers to really excel online is to Buy Likes, this way, they can only showcase their best work, but they can then go onto showcase their work and become popular over night,  Buying Instagram Likes will also help with their organic reach and to maximise their algorithm. This will then lead to more organic growth and the potential to be featured online in blogs and online photo forums.

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Instagram Image Size Guide for optimised posting

Instagram is among one of the most popular social media networking sites in the UK, it is very informative and helps business and people connect with the world through sharing images and videos on a platform for their followers to see. It has become on of the most popular advertising and amercing networks to help businesses to gain traffic and boost sales through click funnels and POS through targeted advertising and strategic posting. A way that many people use to boost their content is to Buy Instagram Likes.

To make sure that your page is ready for optimised social media content, it is very important to ensure that your are creating content and to ensure that your quality is up to scratch, it is important that the size of the images are correct so that they can be viewed easily by the users.

Square Image: 1080px in width by 1080px in height

Vertical Image:  1080px in width by 1350px in height

Horizontal Image: 1080px in width by 566px in height

As it stands at the moment, although it has changed in the past, the image size is 1080px in width X 1080px in height. We  hope that this will stay the time for the near future, however it may change again due to changing screen sized and resolution details such as apples ever changing Retina (HiDPI) displays.

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Creative ways to increase your Instagram Likes

In this day and age, everybody is looking to create and build their social media empire. With the rise of social media gurus such as Garry Vee and other internet sensations, its not wonder why businesses are looking to focus more and more on social media marketing in order to generate more sales and business worldwide.

In regards to online growth, social media can be the most impacting and also the hardest to grow if you don’t know what you are doing, thousands of businesses online simply create a business page and then expect it to be an over night success. The key to good growth on social media and Instagram especially is to look for creative ways in order to move forward and aim for great things.

One creative way grow your social media page is to Buy Instagram Likes, through this method. Users can easily and quickly buy Instagram Likes In order to grow thier page online without having to spend mass amounts of funding through marketing and advertising methods, this is a great way to increase the look and presence of the page.

Buy Instagram Followers Today

When it comes to Instagram growth, it’s simply not as easy to get more Instagram followers in 2019 as it was a year or two ago.

With over 1 billion monthly users, an ultra-smart algorithm, and tons of clever, creative brands on Instagram, it’s a competitive place if you want to grow your account and boost your following. So if you really want to stand out, show off your brand, and get more followers on Instagram, you have to work smarter and harder. There are many clever ways to quickly and easily increase your Instagram followers without having to splurge on big budgets such as advertising and marketing material.

One of these ways is to Buy Instagram Followers. When you Buy Instagram Followers, this allows you to quickly add followers and increase your number, therefore making your page look bigger than it really is. For example, if you buy 10,000 followers, you will automatically gain 10,000 new Instagram followers to make your page look as good as possible without having to spend much on marketing and advertising. Many Businesses use this trick to give themselves a boost, many websites boast that they can increase your followers to over 100,000 within a matter of hours.

Have a strategy and stick to it – even if it feels like you’re going nowhere.

This is a really important decision because the last thing you want to do is dedicate a load of time, effort and resources (and money) into growing a social following within a specific channel, only to then find out that it’s not delivering the right results.

The main thing to consider is who your target market is and what type of content you’ll be producing.

Contrary to what many people say, there isn’t really a right or a wrong answer here. I’ve seen tons of examples of brands and blogs that carve out engaged audiences within unlikely social networks – it’s all about how you deliver your content to the audience you’re targeting. Many peoples and businesses also look for other methods to boost their page such as Buy Instagram Followers and Buy Instagram Likes.

The fastest way to grow on Instagram?

In Summer 2018, Instagram finally smashed the 1 billion users milestone. … The problem is, Instagram growth is more than just a numbers game. Companies tap into the $6.48 billion worth of revenue Instagram churns out per year by making real connections with the people on their page. Due to this, this just proves how dramatic social media really is and how powerful it can be for making connections and using social media for your business to drive traffic for your products/services. Many businesses know this and promote huge marketing budgets and campaigns in order to generate traffic for their website, this why we will go through the best social media marketing techniques to help you grow online.

Social Media is a number game, that’s why many people use certain techniques and methods in order to grow fast and generate more interest in their products and services. One of the methods for this is to Buy Instagram Followers and to Buy Instagram Likes, using these methods, people can instantly grow to thousands of followers and likes in a small period of time.  This was they can also generate more organic traffic due to Instagrams algorithms favoring towards more liked and followed pages.

If you’ve considered buying followers to boost your IG presence, you’re not alone. Influencers, celebs and even politicians have all experimented with buying followers in the past. When you’re just getting started on IG or even when you are an established business, it’s hard to convince customers that you’re worth your time when you only have one or two existing fans. However, if you already have a few thousand people in your follower count, you instantly seem more credible, therefore generating more sales for your business.

  1. Make sure your social media page runs with a theme -there nothing more frustrating than seeing a social media page that is full of random content, it is a big turn off for new customers, having a page full of random content will do nothing than steer customers away, the best thing to do is stick to a chosen niche, for example, if your page is about dog grooming than it is best to stick to dog grooming posts that are related and will create engagement with your audience.
  2. Make sure you’re up to date with posting – This is another valid point, make sure you are up to date with your content. For example, another thing that can turn customers way is old content, if a business or user has not posted for over 3 months, customers and followers will assume that this is an old account that may not be in use, users who post actively every day are much more likely to have higher conversion rates.
  3. Create traffic and advertise your page- Most new businesses fail to see opportunity and the power in social media advertising, not only is social media powerful but it is also a cheap opportunity to advertise to millions of people in your niche with Facebook allowing you to advertise your page from as little as £5! It’s easy to see how this is overlooked by many new startups due to them assuming that it will be costly, but this is where the the real growth lies.