How To Remove Instagram Account From Private

How do you remove Instagram privacy settings?

Instagram allows users to choose whether they wish to have their posts public or private. The big debate is whether it is more beneficial to have your account private or public, what others see will depend on the user and their privacy settings. If your Instagram account is set to public, then everyone can see your photos and view your Instagram story, however if it is set to private, then only the people who you accept will be able to view the content that is posted on your page. It is essential that users such as business refrain from turning their account to private due to the fact that they require a high amount of activity in order to promote their services. I will now discuss how to alter your profile settings to adjust who has access to your profile and its content.

Instagram permits anyone to see your profile and photos by default (as stated in their terms and conditions). To adjust your profile’s privacy settings (take your account off private), the steps are:

  1. You must first open the instagram application on your mobile device or alternatively log in to the Instagram webpage.
  2. Once logged in, head over to the “settings” icon that is situated underneath your username.
  3. Then begin to scroll down in the settings until you find the “private Account” switch and turn it off, once this has been done click “ Okay “ to change the privacy.
  4. Once this has been done, your profile will now be able to be viewed by anybody on instagram, this is also Important  if you are using third party services such as buying likes and followers for your Instagram profile.

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Why Buy Instagram Followers

This question is thought by many avid bloggers, celebrities and avid social media users in today’s digital world. But is it worth it?

Buying Instagram followers is an insanely easy and is a quick solution to gaining a vast amount of followers overnight, at a relatively cheap cost. For example, 10,000 Instagram followers can be purchased online for under mere £60; a small price to pay for a user who is keen to boost their online presence in a short space of time. Buying followers can also be proven to be a good investment, top social media influencers are known to be capable of bringing in deals worth thousands of pounds, all due their huge following.

Engagement factor is is important if you are purchasing followers to get noticed by brands, it is important that your account also has a good amount of engagement, this can be anything from re-posts, comments and likes. Although people care about the amount of followers that one has, it is equally as important to ensure that the profile has a high amount of engagement in comparison to their followers, otherwise it will appear fake. To big brands who are seeking influences to promote their products, having a big following is one thing, but engagement is another, as they wish to see high amounts of activity on an account for them to see a potential return on their investments.

The more followers that you have, the higher ratio of engagement you must have on each post. Buying likes is just as easy as buying followers, it it also important to understand the ratios between likes and followers to ensure that the profile looks genuine; as an abundance of likes in comparison to the followers will raise red flags with not just other users, but brand influences and even Instagram themselves.

Buying likes is just as simple as buying the followers, for example a user with a following of 10,000 will be expected to have each post with likes at around 300-700, therefore a user who as purchased the majority of their 10,000 followers will buy the likes on each post to ensure that the profile appears organic.

In addition to this, some sites are boasting a unique feature called “auto-likes” , these packages ensure that the user will receive a specified amount of likes per post to ensure that it doesn’t look fake. This can be also achieved with “auto-followers”, auto-followers allow a user to build up their profile naturally and obtain credibility without looking like they have purchased followers.

As a conclusion to this, buy Instagram followers couldn’t be a more simple and effective solution to many users who are looking to increase their following and digital presence, it can be done with a click of a few buttons and can give users the boost they need. Give it a try today.

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Instagram and your Business, Why it helps!

Why Instagram is useful for your businesses:

The purpose of marketing is to create management between you and your customers; giving them a call to action. Why is Instagram an important factor for marketing?

If we look at data for Instagram, last year it had over 100 million daily active users, 1.6 billion daily likes and 20 billion shared images. So how does Instagram compared to other social media platforms?

A Recent study shows that Instagram users are 58


more likely to comment and share a brand’s post that other social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. This is evidence that users are more likely to use Instagram than other social media platforms, it also proves that Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media apps and the figures just show how likely to users are to engage.

Instagram offer a unique approach to social media, as it allows users to share and highlight visual content such as posts, videos and stories. If you’re not marketing on


, then you’re missing out; content on Instagram is easily shareable and easier to understand and far for universal for other types of content.

Influencers are the right key!

The most powerful marketing comes from friends, family, someone you follow, or someone you trust–we call these people influencers. To reach the ideal audiences for your brand you must connect with and utilize these influencers, therefore insatgram is a powerful tool to help you connect visually with people closest to you.  

They have ability to tell a truly striking story in that mobile environment; it’s essential to collaborate with them and tap into their abilities to work for you.

But marketers beware. When looking to strategize an Instagram influencer marketing campaign, remember the core things that are important:

The Audience of Insta:

  • Through instagram ads you can target specific areas and demographics.
  • Accounts with higher followers are more likely to attract for engagement
  • Accounts with a high amount of activity are likely to attract more interest from customer.

Instagram is Indeed for everyone.

If your Business is not on Instagram, it should be, if your brand is not posting on Instagram, it should. It has a high potential to connect with people on a more intimate level in comparison to other social media sites.

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Why Instagram?

It is a question that ponders people’s minds when they see Instagram for the first time, ‘why Instagram?’ Since we get asked this a lot, we thought we would go ahead and answer it on our blog so you can see our insight into why we think Instagram is ‘the place the be’.

Not all people and businesses find this the most beneficial social media platform. This is another reason why we have decided to write this article, so you can use Instagram to your advantage and wreak the benefits! Who knows, you may end up an Instagram star!

Here are 3 reasons we think you should at least give Instagram a go:

Its all about photos!

I’m guessing you’ve heard the quote ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ right? Why right a long winded boring paragraph that no one wants to read when you can post a simple photo that explains something for you! Not only can pictures be athseteically pleasing but they can convey a multitude of things such as ideas, emotions, thoughts and reality, you can’t always put these things across in text! It is an intimate way of connecting with people as it is inviting people into your world.

You can think about what you post from an interaction point of view, think about your Facebook/Twitter feed and which you are most drawn to looking at, those with text or those with photos? Personally, we like to skim text and look a little closer at photos, most of the time anyway! With Instagram your entire feed is photographs, it is essentially taking advantage of this new reality we live in of photo domination!

A marketers dream!

We don’t think that when Instagram was made it was intentionally catered for marketing ploys, but it is definitely the perfect platform if you are wanting to get your brand out there! Unlike other social media platforms you see all photos unlike when you’re on Facebook and it try to cater what you see to what they think you want to see, your posts will all show up in your follower’s feeds so needn’t worry about which posts get the most views, not only that but you can also do sponsored posts to help market certain posts.

Recently they have launched the opportunity for customers to upload videos to the app, this can great for talking to your audience, you can show actual footage of what is going on with your company, you even have the opportunity to show this live!

Trust building!

If you are a business, having Instagram creates trust between you and your customers. Sometimes online interaction can dehumanise something to the point where you don’t trust it as you think it could be a robot typing. Instagram helps you to humanise it by putting a face on it.

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4 Steps To Successful Video Marketing

Businesses are relying on video marketing more and more everyday, but the focus on making the video often overshadows the marketing of it. Winning over viewers on YouTube requires different techniques to your usual social media marketing.

1. Use diversity within your content: The more content you produce, the better. We discovered the top YouTube marketers had an average of 180 videos, while the bottom had 30. Research also discovered that the most successful YouTuber’s had videos that ranged from 30 seconds to 20 minutes.

2. Combine YouTube and web content: Combine your social media platforms by creating links between them, for e.g share your YouTube content on your websites, this will help with enticing more viewers. YouTube can be used on any device, including tablets and mobiles. All successful business link all of their accounts together to increase their fanbase as it reaches a wider and more diverse audience.

3.  ENGAGE ENGAGE ENGAGE: You are more 10 times more likely to keep an audiences interest if engage with your audience. Video marketing is a powerful social media platform in which appears to be more personal than any other. The viewer gets a sense of involvement in your online campaign/video, personality and the fact that may relate will drive the viewers back. Doing a video to show the acknowledgement of feed back is an excellent marketing strategy, it has been shown to increase sales by 100%.

4. Buy YouTube Views: Buying YouTube views helps to create an online presence, people will see the views and assume popularity. This is a really strong and underrated marketing technique, people chase popularity as they want to keep up with the upcoming trends! You can buy YouTube Views and Likes from Greedier Social Media.

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5 Tips To Improve Twitter Marketing

1. Tweet Without Links

Studies have shown that tweeting without links encourage more engagement.

#2: Use the Right Hashtags

Using the right hashtags will help your tweet find the right audience. You can use tools like Hashtagify and RiteTag, they can help you find the right hashtags to use.

#3: Add Images for Shared Links

Tweets with images are more eye-catching as studies have found that something that is more visually appealing is more likely to catch a person’s attention, which is no surprise really!

Twitshot is an online tool you can use in any browser that helps you to find the perfect image for your tweet, you can even add it as an extension for Google Chrome or iOS so it’s super easy and quick to use. Write your tweet then copy and paste the Twitshot url and you’re all ready to go!

#4 Favourite good content and mentions

Engaging with people that enjoy or appreciate your tweets helps to build up relationships with people online and they are more likely to follow your feed on a regular basis, meaning you are more likely to get retweets and mentions- in turn increasing your followers.

Make sure you don’t over favourite though as this may get your Twitter suspended as it may mistake you for a bot!

#5: Buy followers

If you buy Twitter followers, this helps to build your Twitter profile. Company’s with more followers are more trusted as it’s clear that they have a strong fanbase.

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3 Steps for Explosive Online Marketing Growth

Many business owners are under the impression that online marketing is extremely complicated because some online marketing efforts fail miserably, while others are responsible for massive returns. They assume performance is related to the marketing budget, what is being marketed and who it’s being marketed to.

Sure, that can all come into play, but it’s more about the marketing strategy.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small mom-and-pop shop with a budget of $1,000 per month or a large brand spending six figures monthly — the same three steps will contribute to a successful marketing effort. Let’s look at each one.

1. Identify the perfect customer for your product or service.

You need to determine who your ideal customer is and what problem you are solving. For example, some performance-based agency work with larger brands, spending at least $50,000 monthly on paid ads and typically relying heavily on Facebook. So, we know we have to target large brands with healthy budgets currently advertising on Facebook and interested in a performance-based relationship.

When you are very specific with who you target, it allows you to create a message and offer that speaks directly to that target. You must also make sure your pricing aligns with your ideal customer.

“You can’t attach a premium price to your product or service if your ideal customer has an average or below average income. You could have the best product or service but if it’s priced out of reach, they will never connect with your offer,” explains Joe Baldwin, CEO of EssayLook.

2. Attract your perfect customer through smart marketing.

Let me quickly explain what I mean by smart marketing. If you are targeting people aged 35 to 45 with a life insurance offer, you don’t want to be running Snapchat ads — that’s the wrong platform. Highly targeted Facebook ads would work better.

Here are just a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • “What social media platforms are my perfect customer likely to be active on?”
  • “What websites are they likely to visit?”
  • “Are they likely to be using a mobile device to access the internet?”
  • “Will they be receptive to email offers and communication?”

When you have the answers to these questions it tells you what social networks and websites you should be running paid ads on and what devices you need to target. If you are selling a health product to millennials, then mobile targeting is a must, whereas an ad targeting the 50+ demographic would want to primarily target desktops.

3. Get your perfect customer to engage with your brand and messages.

Engagement is the last step. It’s responsible for generating sales and creating brand supporters that, over time, turn into lifelong customers. There are several different types of engagement.

For example, say you have a very appealing Facebook ad that drives your perfect customers directly to an offer. You might get some “likes” and shares on the post, but the click-through to your offer, and then ultimately the conversion, is the engagement that translates into revenue.

Not all offers are a good fit for a direct approach. Many will require that your perfect customer is placed in a marketing funnel, where they are then presented with valuable content, designed to eventually convert them into a sale. “Asking for an email address is a very small commitment, so it’s very easy to quickly fill your funnel up with prospects as long as your offer is enticing and provides value,” advises Tyler Chilton, CEO of Mayflower Electronics.

These simple three steps should be the foundation of all your online marketing efforts. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

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What Is Instagram, Anyway?

What is this trendy thing called “Instagram” that all the cool kids seem to be into lately? It’s only been around for a few years, quietly picking up traction mostly thanks to everybody’s new obsession with mobile photography, so don’t feel embarrassed to ask if you have absolutely no clue what it’s all about.

An Intro to Instagram

Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone.

Similar to Facebook or Twitter, everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed.

When you post a photo or video on Instagram, it will be displayed on your profile. Other users who follow you will see your posts in their own feed. Likewise, you’ll see posts from other users who you choose to follow.

Pretty straight forward, right? It’s like a simplified version of Facebook, with an emphasis on mobile use and visual sharing. Just like other social networks, you can interact with other users on Instagram by following them, being followed by them, commenting, liking, tagging and private messaging.

Devices That Work With Instagram

Instagram is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

It can also be accessed on the web from a computer, but users can only upload and share photos or videos from their devices.

Creating an Account on Instagram

Before you can start using the app, Instagram will ask you to create a free account.

You can sign up via your existing Facebook account or by email. All you need is a username and a password.

You may be asked if you want to follow some friends who are on Instagram in your Facebook network. You can do this right away or skip through the process and come back to it later.

It’s always a good idea to customise your profile by adding your name, a photo, a short bio and a website link if you have one when you first get on Instagram.

When you start following people and looking for people to follow you back, they’ll want to know who you are and what you’re all about.

Using Instagram as a Social Network

As previously mentioned, Instagram is all about visual sharing, so everybody’s main intention is to share and find only the best photos and videos. Every user profile has a “Followers” and “Following” count, which represents how many people they follow and how many other users are following them.

Every user profile has a button you can tap to follow them. If a user has their profile set to private, they will need to approve your request first.

Keep in mind that when your profile is created and set to public, anyone can find and view your profile, along with all your photos and videos. Learn how to set yours to private if you only want the followers you approve to be able to see your posts.

Interacting on posts is fun and easy. You can double tap any post to “like” it or add a comment at the bottom. You can even click the arrow button to share it with someone via direct message.

If you want to find more friends or interesting accounts to follow, use the search tab (marked by the magnifying glass icon) to browse through tailored posts recommended to you.

You can also use the search bar at the top to look for specific users or hashtags.

Applying Filters and Editing Your Instagram Posts

Instagram has come a long way since its early days in terms of posting options. When it first launched in 2010, users could only post photos through the app and add filters without any extra editing features.

Today, you can post both directly through the app or from existing photos/videos on your device. You can also post both photos and videos up to one full minute in length, and you have a whole bunch of extra filter options plus the ability to tweak and edit.

When you tap the middle Instagram posting tab, you can select the camera or video icon to let the app know whether you want to post a photo or a video.

Capture it through the app, or tap the photo/video preview box to pull up a previously captured one.

Instagram has up to 23 filters you can choose to apply to both photos and videos. By tapping the Edit option at the bottom of the photo editor, you can also apply editing effects that allow you to edit adjustments, brightness, contrast and structure. For videos, you can trim them and select a cover frame.

If you want to edit your photo or video within the Instagram app, simply tap the wrench icon and choose a feature from the bottom menu. You can adjust the contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, shadows, vignette, tilt shift and sharpness.

Sharing Your Instagram Posts

After you’ve applied an optional filter and possibly made some edits, you’ll be taken to a tab where you can fill out a caption, tag other users to it, tag it to a geographical location and simultaneously post it to some of your other social networks.

Once it’s published, your followers will be able to view it and interact with in their feeds. You can always delete your posts or edit their details after you published them by tapping the three dots at the top.

You can configure your Instagram account to have photos posted on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr. If these sharing configurations are all highlighted, as opposed to remaining gray and inactive, then all of your Instagram photos will automatically be posted to your social networks after you press Share. If you don’t want your photo shared on any particular social network, simply tap any one of them so that it’s gray and set to off.

Viewing and Publishing Instagram Stories

Instagram recently introduced its new Stories feature, which is a secondary feed that appears at the very top of your main feed. You can see it marked by little photo bubbles of the users you follow.

Tap any one of these bubbles to see that user’s story or stories that they published over the last 24 hours. If you’re familiar with Snapchat, then you’ll probably notice how similar Instagram’s stories feature is to it.

To publish your own story, all you have to do is tap your own photo bubble from the main feed or swipe right on any tab to access the stories camera tab. If you want to find out more about Instagram stories, check out this breakdown of how it differs from Snapchat.

Ready to Start Instagramming?

We could go on and on in extreme detail about every little thing there is to do and experience on Instagram, or we could just leave it here so that you can go try Instagram for yourself. Before you do though, make sure you take a look at the following extra recommended articles to really ramp up your Instagram presence as you get started:

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Five Ways to Boost Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram now has over 600 million active users who are scrolling their feeds, liking comments and responding to posts on a regular basis. Since more consumers are also engaging with their favorite brands on social media, having a strong presence on Instagram is a smart move to bolster your strategy, connect with your audience, and grow brand awareness.

As you’re developing your social media strategy, improving your Instagram marketing will likely yield favorable results for your overall business goals.

Regardless of your practice or small business, these five tactics will help you effectively leverage Instagram to boost followership, increase exposure, heighten engagement and improve your productivity.

1. Host Instagram Contests

One way to improve your Instagram marketing and get followers interacting with your content is by hosting contests. Not only does this generate buzz around your name but it also shows a fun side to your brand.

Instagram contests can be simple to execute and can be held weekly to grow your followers, boost exposure, and create the expectancy to keep your audience coming back to you.

Here are a few ideas to get you rolling:

“Like My Post to Win” – Perhaps the easiest to facilitate, participants can simply double tap your post to enter – and of course, they must be following you. Encourage your audience to “repost” your content on their news feeds to foster more responses
“Selfie” Photo Contest – Have clients take a selfie after having a great appointment with you. Get them to briefly share their experience with your brand, using your company and contest hashtag in their posts
Photo Contest with Voting – Take your selfie contest up a notch by adding a voting element to the competition. The image that receives the most votes is the winner.
For your contest giveaway, be sure that it’s something your audience would enjoy winning – make it enticing and exciting enough to compel followers to join.

2. Hashtags are a Must

Using hashtags on Instagram is vital because they enable others to find you, even if they’ve never heard of your brand before.

You’re able to reach a larger audience, increase content exposure, and open doors for new connections to be made. Including hashtags in your posts is a must if you want more eyeballs on your visuals.

Two cool tools to consider for discovering which hashtags are trending in your niche are and Through these apps, you can learn the highest rated hashtags, how many posts are currently using them and see examples of how they’re being applied.

Also, check out the hashtags your influencers’ and competitors are including in their posts. Find out what’s working by viewing the level of engagement they’re generating.

3. Engage Your Followers with Instagram Stories

A recent study showed that people will watch live videos longer than one that has been prerecorded. With that knowledge, leveraging social video can be a huge asset to your business, and certainly provides another outlet to connect more deeply with your followers.

Instagram Stories is one of the platform’s newer features, and brands are also now able to “go live” to get their message out using video on the platform.

A great way to utilize this is by hosting live Q&A sessions where you answer your followers’ and clients’ questions in real-time. This is a great way to gain feedback into what your audience thinks of your products, and can provide fresh content ideas to share in your next blog post. These responses can also be used to tweak and adjust your current program or products.

Another way to engage your followers is by taking them behind-the-scenes to get a glimpse of how you operate. Invite them to the next company event, staff meeting, or simply show them a typical day at the office. These personalized expressions can create memorable experiences that will help separate your brand from competitors.

Finally, be the first to report breaking or trending news by broadcasting it live on Stories.

4. Leverage Instagram Tools

There’s a plethora of apps on the market to help improve your productivity and efficiency in Instagram marketing, ranging from better photo filter options, analytics and scheduling your posts, to finding your key influencers.

You can maximize your time and marketing efforts by adding a few of these tools to your kit:

Crowdfire – A popular app for Instagram, Crowdfire provides a list of new followers, those who have unfollowed you, gives suggestions of other users that may be interested in your service, and recommends the best times to schedule your content
SnapWidget – Embed your Instagram feed onto your website or blog for more visibility
Repost – Build relationships with followers, highlight influencers in your niche, and initiate new conversations simply by reposting their content
Social Insight – Your all-inclusive analytics tool to monitor engagement, follower growth, interactions, and overall progress to gauge your Instagram marketing success

5. Know When to Post Your Content

Posting your images at the right time will help boost engagement with your followers.

According to Hootsuite, the best time to post on Instagram is between 12pm-1pm, Monday-Friday. However, the real success lies in discovering when your unique audience is most responsive to your content.

There are several social media management tools like Buffer and CoSchedule that have built-in analytic features giving you the optimal times to post on Instagram for better engagement, while Instagram also has it’s own business analytics tools which provide insight into when your followers are most active online.

Individual results will vary, so while it’s great to get an understanding of generic posting recommendations, nothing beats learning about your own audience habits.

6. Increase your follower base

One of the best and easiest ways to boost your follower base and make your brand more reputable is to buy followers. You can buy Instagram followers through Greedier Social Media for your Twitter or Instagram accounts.


Instagram is an excellent platform to help boost your social media marketing strategy and bring more awareness to your brand. Consider implementing some of the tactics outlined above, test your results, and ramp up from there. The key is to implement and discover what resonates most with your audience.

The Most Important Steps To Establishing Your Brand Online

It’s hard isn’t it?
Yes, I’m talking about establishing your brand online. As you have probably learned, you can’t just throw up a cool-looking website and then expect thousands of visitors to come flocking to it.
It doesn’t work that way. And it’s pretty frustrating, right? You’ve probably dabbled in social media. You may have even written a few blog posts.
But nobody comes to visit. And you’re probably about to lose your mind.
To add salt to the wound, you have probably seen many business owners make it look easy. How do they get so many visitors and subscribers?
Here’s reality: it’s not easy at all. Building a strong online presence takes a lot of time and hard work. But that’s not all. It also requires you to make sure you’re taking the right steps. After all, you don’t want to waste time working hard on something that isn’t going to get you anywhere, do you? On of the best and quickest ways to do this is by purchasing followers through Greedier Social Media for your accounts, wether this be Instagram or Twitter.

That’s what this post is about. In this post, I’m going to give you some basic pointers that will set you on the path to building a thriving online presence. You will learn the steps you need to take to begin earning more traffic, getting more subscribers, and converting customers.

If you have done any reading on online marketing, you’ve already learned why blogging is important for business owners. Blogs remain one of the most powerful tools for expanding your influence, building credibility, and getting more exposure for your business.
Businesses who blog earn tons more leads than those that don’t.
Here are some of the benefits of blogging:
Blogging improves your search engine rankings, making it easier for prospective clients to find your business online.
It increases the likelihood that prospects will become paying clients.
Blogs are a great way to build your email list.
So why don’t more entrepreneurs blog? Well, one of the reasons is because they believe it’s too hard to build and maintain one.
But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are steps you can follow to establish a high-quality blog.

After you have chosen your platform and web host, and your blog is completely set up, you need to start creating content. This is the part you’ve been waiting for, right?
Not so fast.
Before you start writing content you need to have a plan. You don’t want to just start writing whatever you feel like writing. You need to know what type of content you need to write.
Fortunately, this isn’t too hard. You just need to ask yourself the following questions:
What type of information does my audience need? What questions are they asking?
What types of blog posts would work the best for my readers?
What have others in my industry written about? How can I take a unique approach?
Here’s the thing: you’re not just writing content for the sake of writing content. Each blog post you write needs to have one objective: to benefit your readers as much as possible.
People don’t read content that isn’t helpful. Chances are, if they came to your blog it’s because they believe you’re providing information that they need. You need to deliver the goods!

Creating a blog is an important step, but it’s pretty much useless if nobody reads it, right? That’s where social media comes in.
Social media is the best way to promote your content and your business. It’s the tool you will use to attract visitors to your blog and your website. An effective social media strategy can get your website more exposure and enable you to interact with your audience.

Before implementing a social media strategy, you need to know which platforms to use. Otherwise, you might be wasting a lot of time posting on platforms that your audience doesn’t use.
The key is to find out which services your target market is using the most. You have to understand the demographics that make up your audience. Fortunately, you may already know this if you’re familiar with your industry.

Just like writing content, your main objective when using social media should be to help as many people as you can. It’s not about just promoting your products and services. Social media should be used to share your content and engage with your prospective clients.
Now, I’m not saying that you should never use social media to promote your products and services. It’s a great way to create awareness of what your business offers. However, you don’t want to overdo it.
One effective method for sharing on social media is to use the 30/60/10 rule. Here’s how this works:
30 percent of your social media posts/Instagram should be your own content.
60 percent should be curated posts of other people’s content.
10 percent should be posts that promote your products or services.
You don’t have to stick hard and fast to that ratio. You might find that tweaking it a bit will work better for your business. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Find out what’s most effective for you.

When you start earning more traffic from your content marketing and social media efforts, it’s time to start converting these visitors into subscribers. This is how you will build your online audience and keep in touch with your followers.
Not only is email marketing great for building and nurturing your audience, it’s a highly effective way to get more customers. Email marketing is 40 times more effective than using only social media to attract business.

How many times have you visited a website and been offered something cool for free? No doubt you’ve probably downloaded at least a few ebooks, checklists, and other types of content from sites that had valuable information to share.
Chances are, you only had to type in your email address, then download the goods, right?
So why does this work? Well it’s a little thing called the “reciprocity principle.” It simply means that if you give something valuable to another person, they will be more willing to give you something that you want.
In order to get subscribers, you have to offer something valuable. You can’t expect your visitors to give you their highly-prized email address if they’re not going to get anything out of it.
The great thing about this is that it’s not too difficult. You just have to think of what types of information would be the most valuable to your visitors.
Here are a few examples of free offers you can give to your readers:
Cheat sheets
White papers
A free consultation
A video teaching
Not too hard right? But here’s the key: it has to be something that goes deeper than the value you’re already providing on your blog. You have to give them a reason to want it.

After you have gained permission to contact your visitors, you need to engage with them. This is where you will develop your email marketing campaigns.
When email your list, you don’t want to send only promotional materials. Similar to social media campaigns, email marketing should be used to provide value to your readers. Otherwise, they will stop opening your emails. They may even unsubscribe.
You don’t want that, right?
Figure out ways you can give your readers more of what they want: helpful information. Here are some suggestions:
Send updates on your latest blog posts.
Give content that only your email list gets to see.
Ask for some feedback from your audience. It’s a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your subscribers.
Give your readers a “behind the scenes” look at what your business is doing.
When you’re focused on providing more value with your email marketing, your readers will be more likely to spend their money with you. You don’t want to send a ton of sales emails if you’re not also providing a benefit to your readers.
Build your following on social media, most importantly on Instagram.

Building an online footprint isn’t easy. It does take time. You will need to work hard to promote your website and build a healthy following. Most businesses don’t get instant results.
But if you’re consistent, you will be able to build an engaged audience. It does require perseverance, but when you finally start getting more clients, the hard work will pay off.