Increase your Instagram engagement:


Instagram now has over 600 million active users who are scrolling their feeds, liking comments and responding to posts on a regular basis. Since more consumers are also engaging with their favorite brands on social media, having a strong presence on Instagram is a smart move to bolster your strategy, connect with your audience, and grow brand awareness.

As you’re developing your social media strategy, improving your Instagram marketing will likely yield favorable results for your overall business goals.

Regardless of your practice or small business, these five tactics will help you effectively leverage Instagram to boost followership, increase exposure, heighten engagement and improve your productivity.

1. Host Instagram Contests

One way to improve your Instagram marketing and get followers interacting with your content is by hosting contests. Not only does this generate buzz around your name but it also shows a fun side to your brand.

Instagram contests can be simple to execute and can be held weekly to grow your followers, boost exposure, and create the expectancy to keep your audience coming back to you.

Here are a few ideas to get you rolling:

“Like My Post to Win” – Perhaps the easiest to facilitate, participants can simply double tap your post to enter – and of course, they must be following you. Encourage your audience to “repost” your content on their news feeds to foster more responses
“Selfie” Photo Contest – Have clients take a selfie after having a great appointment with you. Get them to briefly share their experience with your brand, using your company and contest hashtag in their posts
Photo Contest with Voting – Take your selfie contest up a notch by adding a voting element to the competition. The image that receives the most votes is the winner.
For your contest giveaway, be sure that it’s something your audience would enjoy winning – make it enticing and exciting enough to compel followers to join.

2. Hashtags are a Must

Using hashtags on Instagram is vital because they enable others to find you, even if they’ve never heard of your brand before.

You’re able to reach a larger audience, increase content exposure, and open doors for new connections to be made. Including hashtags in your posts is a must if you want more eyeballs on your visuals.

Two cool tools to consider for discovering which hashtags are trending in your niche are and Through these apps, you can learn the highest rated hashtags, how many posts are currently using them and see examples of how they’re being applied.

Also, check out the hashtags your influencers’ and competitors are including in their posts. Find out what’s working by viewing the level of engagement they’re generating.

3. Engage Your Followers with Instagram Stories

A recent study showed that people will watch live videos longer than one that has been prerecorded. With that knowledge, leveraging social video can be a huge asset to your business, and certainly provides another outlet to connect more deeply with your followers.

Instagram Stories is one of the platform’s newer features, and brands are also now able to “go live” to get their message out using video on the platform.

A great way to utilize this is by hosting live Q&A sessions where you answer your followers’ and clients’ questions in real-time. This is a great way to gain feedback into what your audience thinks of your products, and can provide fresh content ideas to share in your next blog post. These responses can also be used to tweak and adjust your current program or products.

Another way to engage your followers is by taking them behind-the-scenes to get a glimpse of how you operate. Invite them to the next company event, staff meeting, or simply show them a typical day at the office. These personalized expressions can create memorable experiences that will help separate your brand from competitors.

Finally, be the first to report breaking or trending news by broadcasting it live on Stories.

4. Leverage Instagram Tools

There’s a plethora of apps on the market to help improve your productivity and efficiency in Instagram marketing, ranging from better photo filter options, analytics and scheduling your posts, to finding your key influencers.

You can maximize your time and marketing efforts by adding a few of these tools to your kit:

Crowdfire – A popular app for Instagram, Crowdfire provides a list of new followers, those who have unfollowed you, gives suggestions of other users that may be interested in your service, and recommends the best times to schedule your content
SnapWidget – Embed your Instagram feed onto your website or blog for more visibility
Repost – Build relationships with followers, highlight influencers in your niche, and initiate new conversations simply by reposting their content
Social Insight – Your all-inclusive analytics tool to monitor engagement, follower growth, interactions, and overall progress to gauge your Instagram marketing success

5. Know When to Post Your Content

Posting your images at the right time will help boost engagement with your followers.

According to Hootsuite, the best time to post on Instagram is between 12pm-1pm, Monday-Friday. However, the real success lies in discovering when your unique audience is most responsive to your content.

There are several social media management tools like Buffer and CoSchedule that have built-in analytic features giving you the optimal times to post on Instagram for better engagement, while Instagram also has it’s own business analytics tools which provide insight into when your followers are most active online.

Individual results will vary, so while it’s great to get an understanding of generic posting recommendations, nothing beats learning about your own audience habits.

6. Increase your follower base

One of the best and easiest ways to boost your follower base and make your brand more reputable is to buy followers. You can buy Instagram followers through Greedier Social Media for your Twitter or Instagram accounts.


Instagram is an excellent platform to help boost your social media marketing strategy and bring more awareness to your brand. Consider implementing some of the tactics outlined above, test your results, and ramp up from there. The key is to implement and discover what resonates most with your audience.

Instagram Marketing 101:

  1. Post daily content:

Studies have shown that the more content a page puts out, the higher amount of engagement that they get. Active accounts are more likely to receive more followers as content is always new and keeps the followers engaged.


  1. The use of Hashtags:

Using the right Hashtags is essential as it will allow other users to find your content easier, it is important that your use the relevant hashtags so that the relevant users can find it, therefore increasing the likelihood that they will follow you as it is content that they are interested in.


  1. Create a business page:

One to market your brand through instagram is to change to a business page, this way customers can easily access your webpage and contact details, as having a business page gives you contact buttons that customers can use for a cause to action.


  1. The Use of brand influencers:

Brand influencers are a good way to gain relevant exposure to your business using instagram, this way, you can send people with a large following a sample of your product for them to post it for their audience to see. The key to this is to choose a celebrity who has the target audience similar to your business as their followers will see them with your product and be lead to your brand.


  1. Buy followers:

If you buy Instagram followers, this helps to build your  profile. Companies with more followers are more trusted as it’s clear that they have a strong fanbase.

Here at Greedier Social Media we work with a number of brands/businesses and celebrities to successfully increase their social media presence, and Buy Instagram Followers via our website or alternatively Contact us today and your social media success is only a click away.

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How to Buy Instagram Followers:

Buying Instagram Followers is generally well know in the  Instagram community. If, however, you’ve decided you want to buy Instagram followers, you can do so from a number of online sites. You’ll want to make sure you have a secure PayPal account set up beforehand.

Use PayPal or a secure payment method. Before buying followers, you’ll want to make sure your financial security isn’t in danger. PayPal is your best bet, since it is free and it hides your sensitive credentials.

Type “buy instagram followers” into a search engine. This will give you a general idea of the most popular results (e.g., what other people are using). The most popular results are not the one that labeled as advertising. Better to see the several options from organic search.

Review your search results. Popular Instagram follower outlets vary, so you’ll want to look for a couple of consistent factors and discard any outliers such as any guarantee, this way you will have a grantee that your followers will be replaced if any do fall off.

  • Follower packages that average less than $0.10/follower
  • PayPal as an accepted method of payment
  • A privacy guarantee

Look up your selected service. If the service has been around for long enough–as most reputable ones have been–you’ll probably be able to find reviews for it.

  • If you find an overwhelmingly negative series of reviews for your selected service, look for a different service.

Decide on a number of followers that you want. Most sites offer various packages with different numbers of followers. Both the number of your posts and the length of time you’ve been on Instagram will factor into this decision. You may decide you want to gradually increase your followers to make it look more realistic, that way hopefully people will not notice that you have bought the followers.

  • For example, if you’ve only been on Instagram for a day and you have one post, it doesn’t make much sense for you to have more than 50 or so followers.
  • You should also take your current number of followers into account when doing this. If you double your follower intake overnight without changing your content, people may get suspicious.

Why do people Buy Instagram Likes?

Most people really struggle to get more likes on Instagram and even Buy Instagram Likes to begin with so they can give their profile a little boost. People Buy Instagram likes because of this and they can find that it helps make their profile loo more popular and helps them to gain more followers.

I would also recommend you follow these tips below to try and maximize your results, these tips work well with Buying Instagram Likes to help you gain a mixture of organic likes too.

1. Take every photo of a plated meal (like, all your restaurant food photos) from above, with the phone at least 3 feet from the subject.

2. Use natural light as often as possible to improve the quality of your photo. Even if you’re inside with dim lighting, face a window to get as much natural light as possible.

4. If you must Instagram your pizza in a dark restaurant, use someone else’s iPhone flashlight to light the dish. If you really want to get fancy, ask your friend to hold her iPhone flashlight at a 45-degree angle above the food and bounce it off the back of a white menu to brighten both sides of the food.

5. Add in filters whenever possible to get 24 percent more likes than usual. One study found that red- and orange-tinted photos receive the fewest likes, but photos that are blue receive more. Sky porn and ocean photos are everything.

6. Make a better caption or bio by copying and pasting text with line breaks from notepad or texts. You can’t make a line break directly in Instagram, but if you want to have a more intriguing bio or caption that requires one, copy and paste your caption into Instagram.

7. Don’t over-edit your selfies. Photos of your face are 30 percent more likely to get a like, so selfie on, but make sure you still look like yourself. Use an editing tool like PicsPlay to blur out a pimple with a spot-treatment technique, where you tap on the blemish to remove it. Avoid smoothing out your entire face to the point that you lose the lines and curves that make you, well, you.

Techniques to gain more followers on Instagram Followers

There are a decent number of methods for getting more Instagram followers. Expect to realize that, a portion of the ways don’t require any money however require tactical posting and marketing analysis. Most people aren’t experts in the social media field but want to gain more followers, this is why people look to Buy Instagram Followers as a easy alternative.

Because of time lack, many people and businesses are frequently intrigued to Buy Instagram Followers. It has turned into individuals’ produce idea that, it requires a great looking measure of cash to get genuine Instagram Followers.

Another path is to find a reputable source for your Instagram followers. They are additionally exceedingly accessible in the market and can be found with a quick google search using the keywords Buy Instagram Followers. As there are a decent number of providers now on google.

Once more, many sites now boast a rang elf other complimentary services that go hand in hand with Buying Instagram Followers with services such as ” Auto likes” and “Auto followers that help increase the appearance of the social media profile. Many people including celebrities and brand influencers look to Buy Instagram Followers in order to gain a mass amount of followers to increase their numbers quickly and easily, since they have already built up a huge fanbase, an additional 10-50k followers may go relatively unnoticed.

The benefits of buying social media followers heavy outweighs the downsides, this is why so many celebrities and even business in Dubai and other countries have turned to buying followers to increase their online popularity so that it appears to correlate to their social and public image that they may have in the press/magazines.

How Buying Instagram Followers can be beneficial:

You read a lot on the Internet about whether or not you should buy followers for Instagram or other social media accounts. Some say it’s a great way to give your profile a nice little boost, while others are concerned that buying Instagram followers is somehow “cheating.” About the only thing that everybody agrees on is that we’d all like to have more followers.

For businesses, having a lot of Instagram followers is a great way to increase brand awareness. However, organically building a loyal audience takes time – which is one thing that most business owners don’t have. As a result, online services that sell Instagram followers have rapidly multiplied in recent years.

The decision to use these services can be influenced by several factors. Below, you’ll find the Pros and Cons of buying Instagram followers. Have a look and then decide for yourself if these services are right for you.We have put together some advantages of why you should Buy Instagram Followers.

  • It’s a fast way to jumpstart the perceived authority of a business’s Instagram account. Instead of starting from zero, you can start from a few hundred to a few thousand followers to quickly get noticed.
  • It boosts your social credibility right away. You appear more popular, and therefore people take you more seriously. They’ll want to jump on the bandwagon, too.
  • Internet marketing campaigns will be more effectivebecause you will look more reputable and trustworthy. Customers won’t hesitate to do business with you.
  • Using social widgets on your website that spotlight your social credibility will translate to a demonstrable increase in online sales and conversions.
  • You’ll gain more organic followers as a result of appearing more popular.

Benefits to Buying Instagram Followers:

There are a lot of debates going on regarding should one Buy Instagram Followers or not. Some say it is bad because you need real Instagram followers for high engagement rate, fake followers will just mess up your Instagram profile. Some say it is an effective marketing tactic that will helps to boost your online credibility. No matter which side are you stand, buying Instagram followers is a secret tactic many social media marketing company engaged.

Everyone start from zero, and everyone wish they had a huge followers base on Instagram even before they create their Instagram account. Having a large followers base will make your Instagram profile look appealing to your potential new followers. By nature the follower number is a key factor where people decide to follow you or not. However building from scratch to big followers required times and countless quality content, interaction with potential followers. Living in the world where the competitions only getting tougher, everyone just don’t have enough time to do all these tasks on daily basis.

  • Buy Instagram Followers to increase following  – When you had a large Instagram follower base that implies you are popular in the eyes of potential followers. They will think, “hey, this guy is popular, maybe he got something interesting, let’s check him out!” – and then they will start to follow you. In one experience done by ourselves which last for 3 months, two Instagram account with similar product were created, one we send 5,000 Instagram followers and one we didn’t. After that both account run the same daily activities by following, liking and commenting the potential followers’ posts. At the end of the test, the account with initial 5,000 followers gets 30% more real followers compare to the one who start from non.


  • More sales or higher conversion – This has to do with social influencing. Example of social influencing is when everyone around you is looking at one direction you will be looking to the same direction too, or, when no one is buying certain flavor of drink you will likely to follow as well. So when you have a larger followers number, the conversion rate will tend to rise higher as well. Because your followers will think your product or service is good that’s why you are getting more and more followers, and those who haven’t buy anything from you will start pay more attention to what you’ve offer. No one wants to be left out from what is trending.

Why you should Buy Instagram Followers:

There is no denying that social media is a very important part of online marketing and branding, there are over 300 million users on instagram alone and even more other other social media platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, facebook and snapchat. When users choose to Buy Instagram Followers , it can be beneficial for you and your business and even your personal account as it will give your page an increase in online presence and help it to grow faster.

Instagram itself is a social media platform that allows users to share content using both videos and photos. This is an interesting concept for businesses, simply because photos allow you to include your logos and services in a much more visual way. Photos are interesting, and much more memorable than words and will create much more interesting and engaging content to potential customers.

Buying Instagram followers is a really quick and effective method to increase online credibility and to increase the online presence of a profile, if an account seems to be more popular, then more people will be more likely to follow it. In addition to this, Buying Instagram followers is relatively cheap, this means that it is more accessible to many users who do not simply have big marketing budgets in comparison to large businesses and celebrities.

Here are a few pro’s to buying followers: 

  • It’s a fast way to jumpstart the perceived authority of a business’s Instagram account. Instead of starting from zero, you can start from a few hundred to a few thousand followers to quickly get noticed.
  • It boosts your social credibility right away. You appear more popular, and therefore people take you more seriously. They’ll want to jump on the bandwagon, too.
  • Internet marketing campaigns will be more effective because you will look more reputable and trustworthy. Customers won’t hesitate to do business with you.
  • Using social widgets on your website that spotlight your social credibility will translate to a demonstrable increase in online sales and conversions.
  • You’ll gain more organic followers as a result of appearing more popular.

Why is Vlogging effective for marketing?

The diverse marketing and advertising options available is made possible because of the internet. Vlogging is one of many business marketing options to fall from the internet. It may have come late to the marketing and advertising world, but its relevance and efficiency in results delivered cannot be underestimated.

Vlogging is a video-oriented version of blogging. In blogging, articles and blog posts are used to provide value to the web-page in question. A few videos and images maybe included in blogs too, but they feature articles and blog posts primarily. On the flipside, a vlog features videos primarily. These videos may go with short titles and descriptions, but they are secondary to the need for videos in a vlog. Since inception, vlogging has gone on to become one of the most reliable options to creating a quality online presence for businesses, and marketing company products or services as well. We’ll go ahead and look at some of the best vlogging tips for your business.

Vlogging Helps To Build Business Relationships

People go ahead to patronize brands and businesses they can trust. It is hard to blame these prospective customers because when people must exchange money for a product or service, they like to see a face or a personality on the other end. A vlog explaining your services, personalities, goals and objectives will surely ease customers up. You may choose to do your vlogs personally if you can keep up appearances or just hire a professional blogger to handle that side of business for you.

A popular platform that many people use to log is youtube, youtube has over 300 million users worldwide so there is a potential for gaining high amount of youtube views and traffic to your site, Buying Youtube Views is a way to increase traffic and to reach more potential customers for you business.

Existing Vloggers

Your vlog can become instantly appealing to your audience if you exploit the option of hiring trusted vloggers to champion your vlog. The ROI your business could benefit from this act could manifest in over 150% improvement on sales. Some of the most prominent vloggers you can look into hiring include Charlie McDonnell and Phillip De Franco, amongst others.

Creating high engagement on your social media profile:

Did you know that there are over 1.82 billion social network users worldwide? That number is expected to increase to approximately 2.33 by 2017. Needless to say, being active on social media is an essential part of your marketing plan. But, how can you reach your audience more effectively than your competitors?

While creating quality content is a must, you also need to engage your audience. Again, this should be obvious. But, it can be a problem is you’re on a tight budget. That’s why I’ve compiled the following seven ways to boost your social media engagement for free.

Being topical always brings fresh traffic to your page, whether it’s centered on a holiday, event or live show, this level of activity shows users that your/your brand are current and keeping upto social trends.

For example, Papa John’s Pizza posted about the March Madness basketball finals on their Facebook page. They asked fans to pick the winning team, and received more than 50 comments within a few hours.

Having a consistent theme on your social media accounts can also increase your followers. People may be more likely to follow your page if they know what they can expect. A theme can be the type of content you share (funny, inspirational) or the look of your content (minimalist, colorful). How do you want your brand to be perceived by others? Focus on creating a consistent personality and voice for your content.

In addition to these points, having a large amount of followers will also boost your online presence and help to increase awareness among the population, it is a well known fact that people attract people, and the larger an account appears will help customers build trust with the brand and be more likely to give it a follow.

One way to gain followers fast is to Buy Instagram followers and to Buy Followers for other social media profiles that you may have, this way, it your profile will attract more followers and attention to your account, making it appears that your profile has a higher online credibility.