Becoming popular on Instagram

Instagram now had over 300 million users worldwide, becoming popular on Instagram has now become very caught after as many models and Instagram Influencers are scoring 6 figure deals in regards to their popularity, it really does pay to be popular on social media. There are many ways and techniques that we recommend to increase your reach and online presence quickly and easily. One popular way is to also Buy Instagram Followers to instantly increase your reach and online presence.

1. Know When to Post Your Content

Posting your images at the right time will help boost engagement with your followers.

According to Hootsuite, the best time to post on Instagram is between 12pm-1pm, Monday-Friday. However, the real success lies in discovering when your unique audience is most responsive to your content.

There are several social media management tools like Buffer and CoSchedule that have built-in analytic features giving you the optimal times to post on Instagram for better engagement, while Instagram also has it’s own business analytics tools which provide insight into when your followers are most active online.

2. Engage Your Followers with Instagram Stories

A recent study showed that people will watch live videos longer than one that has been prerecorded. With that knowledge, leveraging social video can be a huge asset to your business, and certainly provides another outlet to connect more deeply with your followers.

Instagram Stories is one of the platform’s newer features, and brands are also now able to “go live” to get their message out using video on the platform.

A great way to utilize this is by hosting live Q&A sessions where you answer your followers’ and clients’ questions in real-time. This is a great way to gain feedback into what your audience thinks of your products, and can provide fresh content ideas to share in your next blog post. These responses can also be used to tweak and adjust your current program or products.

3. Increase your follower base

One of the best and easiest ways to boost your follower base and make your brand more reputable is to buy followers. You can buy Instagram followers through Greedier Social Media for your Twitter or Instagram accounts.


Instagram is an excellent platform to help boost your social media marketing strategy and bring more awareness to your brand. Consider implementing some of the tactics outlined above, test your results, and ramp up from there. The key is to implement and discover what resonates most with your audience.

How to get more followers on Instagram


Post daily content:
Studies have shown that the more content a page puts out, the higher amount of engagement that they get. Active accounts are more likely to receive more followers as content is always new and keeps the followers engaged.

The use of Hashtags:
Using the right Hashtags is essential as it will allow other users to find your content easier, it is important that your use the relevant hashtags so that the relevant users can find it, therefore increasing the likelihood that they will follow you as it is content that they are interested in.

Create a business page:
One to market your brand through instagram is to change to a business page, this way customers can easily access your webpage and contact details, as having a business page gives you contact buttons that customers can use for a cause to action.

The Use of brand influencers:
Brand influencers are a good way to gain relevant exposure to your business using instagram, this way, you can send people with a large following a sample of your product for them to post it for their audience to see. The key to this is to choose a celebrity who has the target audience similar to your business as their followers will see them with your product and be lead to your brand.

Buy followers:
If you buy Instagram followers, this helps to build your profile. Companies with more followers are more trusted as it’s clear that they have a strong fanbase.

Here at Greedier Social Media we work with a number of brands/businesses and celebrities to successfully increase their social media presence, and Buy Instagram Followers via our website or alternatively Contact us today and your social media success is only a click away.

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The Easy Way To Buy Instagram Likes

InstagramSo why buy Instagram likes? If you’re new to Instagram and don’t have a steady stream of followers yet, you want to get your photos out in circulation. Whether you’re instagramming photos of your apparel, your services, or selfies—whatever you’re posting, you want to be seen as a brand that’s respected and trusted. If you have a number of photos with a consistent amount of likes, Instagram may ever feature you on their Popular Page – which is where photos that are “Trending” go.

It’s important to note what “trending” is in the realm of social media. Trending, is when a large number of people are engaging with a specific topic or in the case of Instagram, a photo. The more likes you’re getting, and the quicker you’re getting them, makes the Instagram robots think “Hey, this must be good. This is what people are liking. It’s noteworthy. Let’s put it on the “Popular Page”.

At Greedier Social Media, we pride ourselves in helping companies and brands get noticed on Social Media. We feel that you shouldn’t have to wait for the world to catch up 6 months from now with what you’re doing – you should be getting results quickly. When we say “quickly” we don’t mean a month, a week, or even 48 hours. We deliver now. As in, within 10 minutes.

Buying Instagram likes will give you instantaneous results. Your photos will go from 1 or 2 likes to hundreds even thousands in a matter of minutes. You can’t get much quicker than that.

Buying Instagram:

Not all people and businesses find this the most beneficial social media platform. This is another reason why we have decided to write this article, so you can use Instagram to your advantage and wreak the benefits! Who knows, you may end up an Instagram star!

Here are 3 reasons we think you should at least give Instagram a go:

Its all about photos!

I’m guessing you’ve heard the quote ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ right? Why right a long winded boring paragraph that no one wants to read when you can post a simple photo that explains something for you! Not only can pictures be athseteically pleasing but they can convey a multitude of things such as ideas, emotions, thoughts and reality, you can’t always put these things across in text! It is an intimate way of connecting with people as it is inviting people into your world.

You can think about what you post from an interaction point of view, think about your Facebook/Twitter feed and which you are most drawn to looking at, those with text or those with photos? Personally, we like to skim text and look a little closer at photos, most of the time anyway! With Instagram your entire feed is photographs, it is essentially taking advantage of this new reality we live in of photo domination!

A marketers dream!

We don’t think that when Instagram was made it was intentionally catered for marketing ploys, but it is definitely the perfect platform if you are wanting to get your brand out there! Unlike other social media platforms you see all photos unlike when you’re on Facebook and it try to cater what you see to what they think you want to see, your posts will all show up in your follower’s feeds so needn’t worry about which posts get the most views, not only that but you can also do sponsored posts to help market certain posts.

Recently they have launched the opportunity for customers to upload videos to the app, this can great for talking to your audience, you can show actual footage of what is going on with your company, you even have the opportunity to show this live!

Trust building!

If you are a business, having Instagram creates trust between you and your customers. Sometimes online interaction can dehumanise something to the point where you don’t trust it as you think it could be a robot typing. Instagram helps you to humanise it by putting a face on it.

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Buying Instagram Likes Could Never Be Easier

Instagram Users

Instagram usersWith over 500 million Instagram users, its easy to see why many people Buy Instagram Likes, Having strong interaction to your posts on Instagram is undoubtedly vital to social media success. When you buy Instagram likes for your photos, you will skip the long term process of building up a audience very slowly. You will have access to immediate credibility to get your brand going as soon as possible. We want your photos to get recognition! Others claim they provide you with fast and cheap Instagram services, but only Greedier Social Media has earned the trust of countless satisfied customers.

We now offer a new Buy Instagram Likes services that enables customers to easily choose and select which photos they wish to get more likes on, because we understand that not everyone wants to have the same amount of likes on each photo to appear more genuine/organic.

Instagram likes seals the deal for potential customers and those viewing your pictures will know that you are indeed dependable, trustworthy, and worth doing business with. As your number of likes increase, your business will grow and most important; you will be a step closer to your success.

To improve your brand image on social media, it is essential that you create a strong visibility among your potential customers. If you wish to promote your products and services on Instagram, then you should definitely try our services. We will always do our best to satisfy all of our customers and at the same time make them go viral on Instagram. Take a look at our affordable options to buy Instagram likes packages and choose the one you feel is perfect!

The Pros and Cons if you Buy Twitter Followers


If you Buy Twitter Followers, It’s a quick way of kickstarting your Twitter account. As opposed to starting from zero to a few dozen followers, now you’ll be launched off with a few thousand followers from the get-go.

The best part, arguably, is that it will strengthen your social credibility. Having a following means you have some Social Proof, causing new visitors to take you more seriously, engage with you online, and follow you to the point of purchase from you or your company.

Different Marketing Campaigns are visibly more effective. That’s a fact. The more followers you have gives you the “bandwagon effect” casting less doubt about your business. This helps both save in the long-run.
Social Proof can increase conversion by up to 1400%. Showcase your large following on your website and show others how many people love your brand. This is no joke – source.

Gain more organic followers as a result of your positive social proof. When you have thousands of followers, users are more likely to perceive you as “worth following”.

Attract more impressions and engagements – With a larger following, your tweets are able to reach a larger audience and attract more engagements. This doesn’t work with shitty tweets.

If you’re a professional, artist or a small agency, the number of followers you have can affect how potential clients, fans and/or record-labels preserve you. More followers can help make the deal or give you an upper-hand in negotiating.


The Buying Twitter Followers are typically not relevant or targeted. While many companies offer geo-targeting options, most of the followers you buy will not directly cause more sales, leads or clicks.

You can lose the followers you buy later on. This is especially true with cheaper providers and fake followers as Twitter removes them. It is important to note that some companies do offer replacement guarantees.

Buying Twitter followers is seen as a shortcut, so you’ll want to keep the transaction a secret, assuming you follow through with it.

The Benefit of Buying Instagram Likes:

Instagram has become very popular over the last few years, with an estimate 400 million users words wide. Instagram has long been regarded as one of the most useful creations of our century. This generation has the pleasure of being able to make the world seem a little smaller by bringing people together all on a few platforms. Social media exists all over the internet and there are many different platforms that you can definitely pick from.

When you start to realize that Instagram can be a great platform to use in order to promote your business that is when you really start using it to its fullest potential. There are many different websites, such as twitter, and Facebook, that really bring a boost to businesses and can help these people not only stay in the black but boost their revenue higher than they ever thought possible. Buying Instagram Likes can help a business or social media celeb to boost their online presence and make them appear more popular than they actually are.

Buying Instagram likes is simple, with a few quick searches on goods, many websites appear that allow users to buy Instagram likes cheaply and easily. The more likes you have on Instagram , the more likely your image is to be featured on/at the top of other peoples feeds, therefor it is a good way to also attract more followers too.

Instagram is used for fun and pleasure but it can certainly be used for businesses that also want to interact more with their consumers. You can provide them with deals and alert on sales in your store at the click of a button, you can let people know the services that you are going to provide and start a relationship with people you have never even met, all for the simple sake of providing them with something they need while getting the money you need. It is a win-win for everyone involved and one that people should definitely take the time to research and not shrug off. Any avenue where you can make money by spending a little amount of money can be worth the time.

Buy Instagram Followers

It is very straightforward to Buy Instagram Likes , comments, followers & accounts from us. We have many dissimilar Instagram packages, so that you can find the best suited package of your wish. First thing in purchasing the packages is to select the best package as per your need from our site. Then you want to enter in your information, your Instagram username for getting the followers, Instagram picture Link for the likes on your photos and your Email address. After submitting the information you will be redirected to payment page where you have to disburse the amount with Paypal account, Credit card or Debit card. After we obtain the payment, your order will be processed and serviced within few hours.

Since the enlargement of social media is rapid the brunt that makes on us is also huge. Clients can view the social media websites like Instagram to make a decision about you and hence they can know how plausible you are. All you have to do is that you need quality users following you and hence the viewers will be impressed by your popularity and integrity.

Instagram followers, likes and comments play a vital role to market your content to the world in a short time period. We live in the world of social media. To the present date, more than 80 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis and the numbers are increasing by the day! Whether you are an artist, an individual or a small business who wants to expose his work – Instagram is the number one place.



Why Buy Instagram Likes?

Social Media is becoming increasingly popular by the day, it is one of the most effective ways to stay upto date on the latest news and gossip of your favourite celebrities. One of the most popular social media platforms is instagram, Instagram now boasts over 300 million users worldwide, no wonder it’s the most popular social media platforms among the public and business.


Many celebrities these days use instagram as a way of advertising and promoting for their brands and other brands that have sponsored them to do so, this way they can generate even more revenue/traffic to their site through posting to their fanbase on Instagram. With this being said, celebrities and public figures are always looking for ways to increase their activity and engagement on their posts.


Buying Instagram likes is one way that many people choose to do to quickly increase their online popularity and to make their content appear that it generates a high amount of engagement. People who have bought likes may appear more popular than they actually appear, therefore becoming more appealing to businesses than they actually are.


Buying Instagram Likes isn’t just done by your run of the mill blogger, many celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon too and also purchase thousands of likes to boost their online engagement. If you are skeptical about buying instagram likes click here to find out more and give it ago today!

Increase your Social Media followers:

Did you know that there are over 1.82 billion social network users worldwide? That number is expected to increase to approximately 2.33 by 2017. Needless to say, being active on social media is an essential part of your marketing plan. But, how can you reach your audience more effectively than your competitors?

While creating quality content is a must, you also need to engage your audience. Again, this should be obvious. But, it can be a problem is you’re on a tight budget. That’s why I’ve compiled the following seven ways to boost your social media engagement for free.

Being topical always brings fresh traffic to your page, whether it’s centered on a holiday, event or live show, this level of activity shows users that your/your brand are current and keeping upto social trends.

For example, Papa John’s Pizza posted about the March Madness basketball finals on their Facebook page. They asked fans to pick the winning team, and received more than 50 comments within a few hours.

Having a consistent theme on your social media accounts can also increase your followers. People may be more likely to follow your page if they know what they can expect. A theme can be the type of content you share (funny, inspirational) or the look of your content (minimalist, colorful). How do you want your brand to be perceived by others? Focus on creating a consistent personality and voice for your content.

In addition to these points, having a large amount of followers will also boost your online presence and help to increase awareness among the population, it is a well known fact that people attract people, and the larger an account appears will help customers build trust with the brand and be more likely to give it a follow.

One way to gain followers fast is to Buy Instagram followers and to Buy Followers for other social media profiles that you may have, this way, it your profile will attract more followers and attention to your account, making it appears that your profile has a higher online credibility.