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Recent statistics show that potential customers are 60% more likely to both trust your brand and purchase your product and service if you have a good social media following compared to those who have not! That is why many people, including celebrities and major international companies buy Instagram followers, Twitter followers and even Facebook likes for their company/profile pages.

Should you buy Instagram followers?

Whether you are a student, business owner or even a celebrity you will always find a reason to buy Instagram followers because we have all been in the situation when you first start a Instagram page and you have no likes or followers, even after posting photo after photo you just can’t get your followers up to the same level as your friends or rival businesses. That is why buying Instagram followers can be so helpful, As previously stated 60% of potential customers trust your brand more if you have a good social media presence and following therefore when you buy Instagram followers you are essentially making more money for your business.

Here at Greedier Social Media we offer Instagram followers ideal for UK based businesses as well as worldwide. Also for people living in the UK who maybe just want to rival there friends in the battle of who has more followers and likes, this is no longer an issue, buy Instagram followers and likes and your friends will look upon your Instagram page with envy as your numbers elevate!

Why buy Instagram followers from us?

To date we are the UK’s number one trusted provider and industry leader. Here at Greedier Social Media we know that when you buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes you don’t want to wait! That is why we offer 24 hour delivery on all of orders, although you will often find that your order could be visible within just a couple of hours or less and with our industry leading customer service we operate with the customer in mind!

Based locally here in the heart of Manchester, we are proud to boast many years of experience successfully working with celebrities, big brands, TV personalities, musicians, models and famous actors we pride ourselves on maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate by delivering the best customer driven service inclusive of our dedicated 24/7 support!

Why buy Instagram Likes?

Many people who buy Instagram followers from us also buy Instagram likes because obviously when people visit your social media page to see you have thousands of followers but only 10 likes on your image this looks unbalanced. Therefore if you were to also buy Instagram likes this makes it look as if you have a very reputable social media page. We also offer the added option of 500+ Likes added free of charge to each order to be delivered upon either a random or top five images you upload.

Is buying Instagram followers safe?

We guarantee that your accounts and privacy are both completely safe, we do not share your information with any third parties therefore no one will know that you have bought Instagram followers. Furthermore, we often have customers asking if Instagram will close their account if they are found using such services, we can proudly say that in our many years of business we have never ever had any such reports regarding this issue are services are 100% safe therefore, you can buy Instagram followers, sit back, relax and watch as you become the most popular person you know on Instagram.


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